10 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Phnom Penh Apartment on Rent

Finding your perfect apartment for rent in Phnom Penh isn’t easy to know where to start. However, breaking down this process into 10 steps is the easiest method to avoid stress. IPS Cambodia is an ideal real estate agent who will help you locate your perfect Phnom Penh apartment for rent according to your budget and preferred amenities and location.

10 Steps To Find An Apartment for Rent In Phnom Penh

Finding the perfect individualised space or apartment you want in Phnom Penh, the country’s most populated area, may seem stressful. But, when you break this down, locating and moving to a perfect apartment will become easier. Also, nothing compares to the joy you will experience when you step into your new apartment on rent. So, let’s look at a few steps to find the ideal apartment for you.

1.    Determine The Rent Range in Phnom Penh

It is crucial to determine the price range before finding Phnom Penh rentals. Failing this will disturb your budget, and you may land in balancing your finances. Once you set the price range, you can pay easily for rent, and you will easily pay the monthly rent. The price range for rent in Phnom Penh varies according to the different factors. SO, you may check the price range affordable for you, including amenities and all other expenses.

2.    Start Saving A Few Dollars

Since renting an apartment usually needs a security deposit that may be a one-month rent, with the first month’s rent. So, it would help if you initiated planning to start saving or put some money aside that you may be charged for renting an apartment. Since moving to an apartment may cost you somewhere from 200 USD to 2,000 USD depending on the location and the distance, saving money or keeping money aside for shifting and renting deposit and security will help you avoid the last-minute hustle of arranging money.

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3.    Choose The Location

Visiting the area is the greatest method to determine if you can move to the place or not. Additionally, inquire about the opinions of people who live nearby. One factor to consider is the cost of living since every location may have a different cost of living. So, be realistic and determine how much the neighbourhood costs; look up the average cost of a one- or two-bedroom apartment online.

4.    Source To Find The Apartment in Phnom Penh

You can find an apartment for rent through postings online on Facebook groups. Besides, real estate agents, such as IPS Cambodia, will help you find the ideal apartment as per your budget, preferred location, and amenities. You may also take help from your friends and colleagues to know the best location or the type of apartment you are looking for.

5.    Deciding The Apartment

Once you find the way to locate the apartments for rent in Phnom Penh you want, you may decide or apply for the selected apartment through a landlord, broker, or real estate agent as per the guidelines of the landlord or agent you opted for.

6.    Check The Credit

You need to check your credit, as several management companies may check your credit when you initiate applying. You may explain to your potential landlord if the score is low or clarify with them how you will fix it.

7.    Signing The Agreement

Once you decide on the apartment for rent, you will be obligated to sign an agreement or lease. You must go through it and check if you are satisfied with the policies or obligations. Certain points, such as penalty, upfront cost, inclusive amenities, etc., might be difficult for you to understand. So, you may discuss it and clear your doubts before signing the agreement to avoid future disputes.

8.    Transfer And Setting Up The Utilities

You may contact the company associated with the utility ahead of time to have enough time to notify the USPS of your residence address, purchase renter’s insurance, register for parking stickers, check the connections of electricity, water, etc. It will help you get everything ready when you shift into your new apartment in Phnom Penh.

9.    Performing Walk-Through In The Apartment

You must check for pre-existing faults during your walk-through to your chosen apartment. This visit to these residential spaces will help you get the things fixed, and you may not be held liable for any faults and get them fixed beforehand. If something isn’t right, make a note of it and write it if the owner has to rectify it. It is the most effective approach to safeguard your future apartment and the initial deposit.

10.  Moving To Your Apartment

If you move from distant areas, you must schedule packers or associated services in advance. They will assist you with packing and shifting. Also, ensure labelling your boxes to have the unboxing time easier and smoother.

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Although locating a perfect apartment is challenging when you move to Phnom Penh, IPS Cambodia makes things easier for the ex-pat community with a range of apartments for rent in different cities and localities. Besides, the ten steps mentioned above will help you easily find an apartment for rent.



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