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These days opting for an email service is very easy and smooth but comes with a condition that you have to provide your mobile number in the name of registration or phone verification.

We understand it provides email services to provide an additional coating of security and help to build a better community but what about users’ privacy?

You also have heard or seen in the news how trillion worth companies Facebook that is lacking the latest and high-security technology failed to save users’ data.

So, how it is expected from the user’s end to give it such personal details which are linked to bank accounts and other social media platforms.

As we understand the plight of users and give severe importance to their privacy & security, we have done meticulous research and examination and found the 12 best email services which offer free email without phone number as well very useful and unique features.

For instance:- End to end Encryption, decent storage capacity with good file attachment limit, self-destruct emails, and much more.

We think it’s time we should move towards the list of best free email services (without phone verification) without spending any more time.

    Free Email Services (Without Phone Verification)
GMX mail
Guerilla Mail
Email on Deck


These are the 12 email services that provide users the reliability to create email without phone numbers or any kind of phone registration or anything else.

All you have to do is sign and use, that’s it.

We believe that the name of the 12 best email services we have listed above will give the desired result and help you in creating an email without a phone number or any kind of registration or verification.

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