PPC ads are a great way to make or break any company. If you know what you’re doing, these can make a huge difference.

These are the top three tips for growing your business through PPC ads.

What is a PPC Ad?

A PPC ad is a pay-per-click advertisement. These allow companies to advertise on sites and apps, and in turn, they pay for every tap or click that someone makes on their advertisement. On the one hand, this is awesome because you’re only paying for interactions, but on the other: you can feel like it’s out of your hands if you don’t know what you’re doing.

1- Set Goals and Call to Action

Before you list your ad or create anything for it: you need to think it out thoroughly. You don’t want to risk your customers by making poor choices. Instead, set your goals early. Decide how many people you want to reach, what the ad’s purpose is, and how much you’re willing to spend. From there, decide your call to action. Are you trying to add customers to a mailing list? Do you want them to click through to buy the items you offer? Are you selling a service or a product? This will all decide what type of ad you need to make.

2- Put Focus on Mobile Ads

One of the first things any PPC agency will tell you is that you need to focus on mobile ads. A third of all consumers don’t have or regularly use a computer, which means you’re throwing away these possible customers if you’re only advertising on desktop settings.

It’s so simple to click a mobile ad and convert that into a purchase, which makes it ideal for advertising. Since most people check their mobile phones multiple times throughout the day, this gives you multiple times you can seal the deal.

3- Pick the Right Platforms

The platform you advertise on matters. Try to pick one that works for your product instead of simply where most people are. If you sell wellness supplements for older individuals, you’ll want to advertise on Facebook or news sites instead of Tik Tok or Twitter. Think about where your customer will be, and meet them there.

What Mistakes to Avoid

There are countless mistakes people can make that can lead to an ad flopping and money getting wasted. One of the biggest mistakes is trying to get outrage or confusion clicks. Mobile games use this type of advertising the most, with outrageous or bizarre ads and videos that have nothing to do with the games: they’re possibly the only market this can work for since they’re trying to get around advertising to children.

Another advertisement mistake is simply advertising through the first site that will take you. Instead, try to find a site or blog that makes sense for your company. Will your company’s demographic be on this site or app? Is this where you could see your customers spending time online? Consider this before paying for them to host your ad.
Every Company Needs Better Advertising
Advertising is a big deal: and every company can do better with it. Make sure to heavily think through your next PPC ad before you pay someone to host it.

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