4 Reasons You May Need To Use A PDF Editor

You’d have to live under a rock to not be familiar with the world of PDFs and PDF editors. PDF is a universally accepted format for file creation, storage, and sharing, armed with its ability to be compatible with all operating systems and devices. Whether you view a PDF on your phone or your laptop, it is going to appear identical and no change in formatting or design of your document would be observed. However, the same cannot be said for other file formats, and hence PDFs have gained immense popularity when it comes to sharing files and documents with others. Regardless of the platform, your file remains the same.

A tool that accompanies PDFs is a PDF editor, and there may be several reasons you may need to use a free online pdf editor. Some of these reasons are highlighted below for your knowledge:

  1. PDF editors help in going green

In today’s world where climate change calls for individuals and companies to increasingly consider initiatives to go green, PDF editors present a great opportunity. Companies can use PDF editors to edit, sign, and share documents digitally, rather than printing them to share hard copies. For instance, something as simple as opening a bank account requires individuals to sign several sheets of contract and maintain several copies. All of this, however, can be avoided by simply signing and sharing such contracts online.

  1. PDFs and their editors are forever

The fact that PDFs and their editors are so integrated into how we do business and manage our daily documents highlights that both of these components of the business world are here to stay for a long time. Since PDFs solve every imaginable problem there is with document sharing, they present no other issue or concern, and hence there isn’t a need for them to be replaced. Hence, whether you are a student, a professional, an entrepreneur, or just a random person on the internet, it is likely that you will be using PDFs and PDF editors for a long time.

  1. PDF editors enable safe transmission

PDFs often feature sensitive information and data that shouldn’t be privy to any party other than the one it was intended for. Similar to how you would seal an important letter before mailing it to avoid tampering, PDF editors help protect PDFs through password protection. Individuals can place passwords on PDFs that contain sensitive data, and only share this password with those who need to be privy to this data by using a PDF editor for this purpose. Most instances in which a PDF editor is used to place passwords while sharing bank statements and financial records.

  1. PDF editors compress the file size

PDF editors help create a smaller footprint for most PDFs by reducing their file size. So not only are they great for the environment by facilitating everyone to go paperless, but they also help save space on your digital devices such as smartphones and laptops by compressing the file size of the PDFs you need to store in them. Businesses often have to use larger files for regulatory purposes, manuals, contracts, and whatnot. PDF editors allow managers and employees to limit the size of their PDFs and enjoy seamless work.

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