The Phantom shoe range of Nike is well-known for its vast collections, from simple jogging shoes to classic football shoes. These shoes are carefully designed for men, women, and kids, with sizes ranging from 3.5 to 11. They became popular because of their high quality and comfort. In Greek mythology, Nike means the winged goddess of victory. The meaning behind this tagline is to imply that a person’s journey to success is made easier using Nike’s products, mainly shoes. Nike Phantom shoes are the byproduct of the various shoe lines launched by Nike.

Why are Nike’s phantom shoes so popular?

The reason is quite simple: it doesn’t bottom out or slip even on long runs. They are designed in such a way that they are soft and also have a grip, giving you the perfect experience of a good run. Whether a football match or a simple jog, Nike’s phantom shoes will have you covered. Reports said that when people first held the shoe, they couldn’t help but notice how comfortable the midsole felt. These shoes have the perfect grooves to help you run smoothly on wet and dry surfaces. The shoe is quite flexible and flexes back when you need grip. The density of the shoe is low to medium.

Keeping aside the impeccable manufacturing, Nike has undoubtedly earned points for its appearance. Ranging from men’s football shoes to women’s jogging shoes, it has the perfect designs that will catch the eye of a potential customer.

Why choose Nike phantom shoes over other brands?

Nike spends a lot of time, money, and thought on curating the perfect shoes. The fact that many famous athletes wear Nike shoes speaks for itself. Phantom shoes’ quality is excellent and manufactured according to predetermined standards. Unlike some other brands, Nike focuses on athletes’ comfort considerations. So for an athlete or a gym freak, Nike’s shoes are the perfect option. Nike has always maintained quality, durability, performance and comfort. Nike shoes, especially Phantom, are the best gift you can give your feet. It doesn’t make you tired even after long runs. It quickly absorbs sweat and dirt and doesn’t let it hinder your performance.

The most significant advantage of this brand is the price range. One can choose the shoes of their liking keeping in mind the budget. The Nike Phantom GT elite is the most expensive shoe, priced at Rs.23,995, while the cheapest is the Phantom GT2 club Mg, priced at Rs.3695.

Types of Phantom shoes:

i) Football shoes- These shoes have a grip at the bottom, providing enough force and control to help kick the ball and ultimately reach the goal post, as it claims. They have various designs for both men and women. There are unisex shoes as well.

ii) Running shoes- These shoes have soft midsoles and grooves wide enough to keep you running without discomfort. They absorb sweat and do not let you slip.

Phantom GT elite and GT2 are most widely purchased.

Drawbacks of specific models of Phantom shoes:

Some people claim that the new shoes don’t feel aggressive enough compared to the old ones, like 2020 predators. Many runners and footballers said that the Phantom VSN & VSM lacked grip. Hence, Nike developed a new model called the Phantom GT, an advanced and modified version of the earlier models that now provides excellent grip and comfort. While the GT model is perfect, it is expensive. Not everyone can afford it, especially when they have other options. Nevertheless, the new Phantom models continue to exist in the market with a considerable market share and repetitive sales.

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