5 Common Mistakes to Avoid as a Acne Creamy Wash User

There’s no debating the fact that using acne creamy wash every day will help you keep things under control. However, there are many things you need to avoid to allow the product to do its best work, which is what we’ll be talking about there. 

So, sit back and relax as we give you some pointers on those things that make acne worse that might not even be aware of.

Mistake 1 – Touching & Picking Your Spots

There’s nothing more likely to negate the good your acne creamy wash is doing for skin than picking or even just touching your spots. Picking and even worse, popping your spots might feel satisfying at the time, but what you also do at the same time is spread the infection around. 

This is exacerbated even further if your fingers or fingernails are dirty.

Mistake 2 – Shower-based Face Washing 

Our next thing to avoid might seem a little strange, but bear with us. The idea of washing your face in the shower is pretty standard, right? Actually, no, as the hot water can dry out and irritate the skin – which is why all good dermatologists recommend using only tepid water to avoid irritation. 

Mistake 3 – Washing Your Face Too Much

Cleaning your face regularly is a given for healthy skin, but what you shouldn’t be doing is excessively washing your face. That’s because this only serves to dry out the skin – leading to the skin producing oil to compensate for it. What that means is more acne, so aim to cleanse twice a day and no more, unless you’ve been sweating profusely.

Mistake 4 – Being Too Rough With Your Spots

What can’t be forgotten is the fact that spots in all their forms are actually wounds, meaning they’re sensitive and need to be tended to. When you exfoliate over the top of your breakouts, you’re not doing yourself any favors at all, as it will just cause the infection to spread. 

When using acne creamy wash or any kind of acne product regularly, be sure to listen to what your skin is telling you. If it’s always sore, reign it in a bit until it recovers.

Mistake 5 – Failing to Moisturize

What puts people with acne off of using a moisturizer, is that they think that adding one will just make their excess oil problems worse. What this fails to take into account is that when your skin is dry, it’s always going to try and balance things out by producing more sebum (skin oil).

If you use an oil control moisturizer, you avoid irritating your skin, while at the same time giving it the hydration it so desperately needs.

Use Acne Creamy Wash & Do The Right Things

So, what your takeaway from this blog should be is that using the right acne-controlling products is something you should be doing, but this needs to be complemented by you avoiding the mistakes we mentioned here.

Do that and you’ll tip the balance in your favor. We hope that our brief blog allows you to enjoy skin you can be proud of.

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