If you’re on the hunt for the ideal gift for this season, why not consider a luxury watch to impress your favorite person? Surely, there are so many design possibilities available that it can be difficult to decide which one is the best. Fortunately, we have collected some of the best wristwatches the industry has to offer into an edited selection. Ranging from diamond timepieces and chronograph watches to classic models for fancy events, you are sure to find an ideal gift in our luxury watch selection.

Questions to asks yourself before buying a watch as a gift

When purchasing a watch for someone special, it is vital to select one which is suitable for their active lifestyle, yet also has a timeless design which will still look great years down the line. It is not as straightforward as simply grabbing any watch off the shelf. Wristwatches are intricate and highly individualistic, so to make sure you get the right one for him, consider a few elements. When deciding on a watch as a present, ask yourself these two questions:

How would you describe his style?

When it comes to selecting a watch as a gift, you should make sure the style fits the recipient. For instance, if the person usually wears formal clothing, then a classic and elegant watch would be the most suitable present. Conversely, someone with a sporty personality would be more suited to a more robust or even a smooth field watch like those used for racing or flying – but one with a lot more features and more complex functions.

How much are you willing to spend?

How much money are you willing to put aside for this present? Depending on the watch, it may be a significant cost, so determine a spending limit beforehand. When it comes to watches, there is no standard cost since the worth and price of a watch depend on multiple elements. It is important to note that more money does not always translate to superior quality. To prevent yourself from going overboard with your spending, it is best to set a budget and stay true to it. Thus, it is essential to do some research prior to buying a luxury watch.

The Best Watches to Gift This Season

Here are a great selection of luxury watches that would make an amazing gift for your father, brother or significant other.

Havana Pionier

This German watch with an automatic calendar is an ideal present for watch aficionados. It has a built-in movement with 35 jewels and offers the unparalleled excellence of a genuine luxury watch. Havana is a perfect choice for the sensible man because it is provided with a full calendar compilation. Its exposed back design enables the intricate elements to create a captivating performance, and the real black leather strap adds a touch of modernity.

Tirona Chronograph Pionier

If your significant other is a dedicated admirer of chronograph watches, the newly released Tufina model, the Tirona Chronograph from the Pionier collection, is the ideal choice. It is equipped with a quartz movement, which has been developed in-house, offering exceptional accuracy and reliability. This watch is a great choice for men with jam-packed agendas as it is built with a date calendar. Its water-resistance of 5 ATM ensures its robustness and durability. Its multi-hued face adds to its beauty and is complemented by a genuine cowhide leather band, forming an eye-catching ensemble.

Macau Theorema

If you are someone who enjoys a classic look, Theorema’s Macau model is the perfect option if you are in the market for a new timepiece. This German-crafted watch features an in-house automatic movement with 35 ruby stones, and offers great value for a reasonable cost. A watch created by hand and featuring a full calendar display is the perfect adornment for someone who values punctuality. The handcrafted details are masterfully put together to complement the 100% cowhide strap. This eye-catching timepiece is the ideal choice for someone who likes a luxurious look.

Zürich Tourbillon Theorema

If you want to give your significant other a beautiful tourbillon, consider Tufina’s Zürich Tourbillon from the Theorema collection. This robust timepiece is featured with an in-house mechanical movement with 20 rubies. The sapphire crystal lens delivers outstanding durability and scratch resistance. A multi-function tourbillon with a timeless design, Zürich Tourbillon comes with a limited edition sun and moon phase compilation. The deployment butterfly clasp ensures unparalleled security and comfort. Whoever receives this high-end watch is sure to be satisfied!

Newport Dual-time Pionier

If you’re looking for a contemporary timepiece for someone who prefers a modern style, Newport Dual-time from Tufina’s Pionier collection would make a brilliant gift. This urban watch features an in-house automatic movement with 22 rubies. The skeletonized hands beautifully match the open front and back design, while the multi-tone dial creates an outstanding visual appeal. Adorned with bold Baton index markers, this fashionable timepiece is created to attract attention. Moreover, its 5 ATM water resistance ensures amazing durability, making this a gift that is guaranteed to withstand years of use.

Tufina: Find The Perfect Luxury Watch To Give To Your Loved Ones

Tufina is a brand powered by innovation and passion. They are committed to delivering handcrafted timepieces made with great care. If you’re looking for a watch that holds tremendous mechanical and sentimental value, their watches are ideal for you. With a history dating back to the 1800s, these German watches carry an outstanding story. The product of a watchmaking tradition that encompasses eight generations of skilled artisans, these timepieces are the manifestation of a refined technique.

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