The demand for digital artists remains high as professional design opportunities increase, and the digital art market continues to appreciate year over year through the sale of NFTs. As a digital artist in 2022, you have the opportunity to find professional success in many different ways, but you need to know how to promote yourself and your work. Here are a few essential marketing techniques for digital artists in 2022, starting with how to add inherent value to each digital asset you create.

Mint Your Artwork

You can find great success selling original digital artworks through non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to encrypt and authenticate artworks. An NFT is an encrypted digital asset that can be exchanged on a blockchain network. By minting your digital art into NFTs, you verify the piece’s originality and place it on a blockchain network where it can now be bought through the online digital art market. If you want to find success selling your digital artworks, minting NFTs is an essential step for adding value and authenticity to your work. Once you’ve minted your work, you can market each piece and sell or auction your collections through an NFT marketplace such as FTX. Collectors will be less likely to purchase your work if it’s not in an encrypted, authenticated NFT format.

Create a Portfolio

If you’re looking for success through a career in corporate design, you must build an impressive portfolio to become a competitive candidate. The demand for freelance and full-time design work remains high as more opportunities to work from home become available. You can start as a freelance designer or try to find a good fit with a company that will hire you full-time. Working in a professional design setting can teach you about the industry and introduce you to other professionals who can point you towards opportunities. Build your design portfolio today by creating an engaging website and make yourself a dought-after candidate for high-paying jobs.


Consider collaborations with other artists and companies as you begin to sell your NFTs or look for more opportunities to increase engagement with your work. Collabs with local brands or other digital artists are a great way to build recognition around your name and theirs. Create an art project, limited edition swag, or your own artist collective; get creative about how you can access other audiences within the art world by leveraging your network.  Engaging in projects like these is a great way to build hype around your work and show you are an established member of your art community.

Drop NFT Collections

Another great way to build hype around your work is to create and promote a collection of NFTs and hold your own NFT drop. NFT drops are anticipated releases of NFT collections. These drops are heavily marketed over a more extended period as the collection is completed. This anticipation marketing technique is a great way to get collectors excited about your new collection. Create teasers for each piece, and share unique posts about the collection every day leading to the drop.


Search engine optimization is an essential tool for all marketers. As you work on marketing your artwork or design skills, you need to utilize SEO to rank your website and portfolio higher in search engines. If you depend on your website and portfolio to be discovered for work opportunities, invest in optimizing your site and creating unique content to push you up the search rankings. Utilize a tool like Ubersuggest or Google Analytics to learn which keywords you should be ranking for and gain more significant insights into your site’s performance.

Social Media Marketing

Finally, social media is an essential tool for all artists and creatives in 2022. Social media is free and, if appropriately utilized and creatively, can generate massive engagement in a short period. Social media offers various opportunities for you to engage directly with your audience, collectors, and other creatives by sharing, tagging, stories, lives, and more. Take advantage of these platforms, and as your profile grows, you can purchase targeted Instagram ads to increase your following.

These are just a few ways you can promote yourself and your digital artworks in 2022. There has never been more opportunity to find success as a digital artist; start marketing your work today. 

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