You sustained injuries because of someone’s fault in an accident in Huntington Beach. The next step is to determine whether you have a valid personal injury case. Instead of trying to understand the law in such difficult circumstances, you may want to lawyer up. California has claimant-friendly and simple laws, and an attorney can help get you a fair settlement for your losses. Here are seven genuine reasons to hire a Huntington Beach personal injury lawyer.

  1. Lawyers have handled similar cases. Top PI lawyers often have their areas of expertise and have probably handled numerous cases that are similar to yours. You can use their experience to your benefit. 
  2. No win, no fee. You don’t have to pay an injury lawyer until you win. This is called a contingency fee and is different from the hourly fee that criminal defense or family lawyers charge. You don’t need to worry about financials right away. 
  3. Lawyers can investigate your case. PI lawyers know what it takes to investigate an accident. From collecting the police report to talking to witnesses and medical experts, they can do it all for you. 
  4. Lawyers can save you time. Your immediate focus after the accident should be on your recovery. If you are constantly chasing evidence and documents, you won’t have any time. Get an attorney to reduce the stress. 
  5. Lawyers can talk to investigators. In some cases, it can be hard to prove liability and fault and to reduce time and effort, lawyers often work with investigators and accident reconstruction experts. Your lawyer will have the resources required for the case. 
  6. Lawyers are ready for all circumstances. No matter whether the case needs arbitration, mediation, or a trial, your lawyer will not step back. Most PI lawsuits don’t go to trial, but if yours is an exception, having a lawyer will help.
  7. Lawyers can get you a higher settlement. While there is no guarantee that you will get an extremely high amount in a settlement, having an attorney can improve your chances considerably. Your settlement depends largely on your fault and injuries/losses.

Hiring a lawyer for your personal injury case is necessary because you don’t have to deal with everything alone. A skilled injury lawyer can ensure that the insurance company doesn’t trick you with their tactics, and if needed, they will go to court to represent you. Just make sure that you don’t delay your decision to engage a lawyer. 


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