Are you using your smartphone to its full potential? If not, you are missing out on a lot of things! You might be using your mobile phone daily, but there are still a few significant things you don’t know about it. 

It is safe to say that smartphones have changed the way we live these days. Smartphones have evolved so much since their first release in the market. They now come with more useful tools and more advanced applications and features that make people’s lives better and easier. There are also waterproof models nowadays, but if you don’t own one, you must learn to get water out of phone if you accidentally splash liquid on it. Hence, here are some genius smartphone hacks you need to know.

1. Use the airplane mode for signal boost and fast charging. 

The airplane mode is not only used when you are literally on an airplane. This feature has plenty of uses, like boosting your network signal. You can turn it on shortly, then switch it off, helping your smartphone look for the best available signal nearby. Moreover, the airplane mode speeds up your charging time by almost 20% because it prevents network access. Hence, your phone’s battery is not drained by trying to find updates. It can easily help your battery be back to its full charge as you turn it on. 

2. Measure something using your smartphone.

There is no need to use an actual tape measure to calculate the width, length, or height of something. In this day and age, your smartphone can do it for you. Since not everyone carries a measuring tape all the time, you can use the Measure app on your phone to virtually measure a space. If you are buying a new sofa, but are unsure if it will fit in your living room, then use this app. You can measure just about anything in an instant with it!

3. Upload a photo and get it identified.

If you don’t know something but have a picture of it, you can upload it to get named. With image recognition software, determining particular objects in a photo has now become a reality. All you have to do is use Google Goggles, a photo recognition tool that identifies any image. Whether you forget what it is called or it is the first time you encounter it, this tool can ID it instantly. It will provide near matches and reliable results through its massive image database.

4. Pump up your sound volume with a bowl.

Amplify the sound by putting your smartphone inside an empty glass or bowl or any oval-shaped household items. If you don’t have a separate speaker, you can do this to pump up the sounds at your home or anywhere. Also, when you want to listen to music while in the shower, you can sing and dance to your heart’s content because you can hear the sounds loud and clear wherever you put them around your home. It is also a perfect makeshift speaker at a house party if a real speaker is not available.

5. Take screenshots of directions for offline use.

When you travel internationally or domestically, you might need to use maps to navigate your way. Any map application requires an Internet connection to work, so you have to take screenshots of map directions for offline use. It can save you battery life and mobile data usage since you won’t be running WiFi or data connection, which can quickly drain your phone’s battery. So if there is a poor signal in your destination and you cannot connect to the Internet to search for directions, you can still navigate the place because you have a screenshot of the map.

6. Capture photos with the volume keys or earphone buttons.

Yet another brilliant smartphone hack you need to start using is taking photos with the volume keys or earphone buttons. There are other ways to capture images besides touching the camera button. To take a selfie or one-handed photo, this hack lets you keep your arm steady and yourself in focus without having to stretch your thumb over to the camera button. Additionally, if you have found a great angle but can’t reach the shutter icon, try plugging in your earphones and clicking the buttons to capture a perfect photo. 

7. Put your smartphone in a sandwich bag to protect it.

Be sure to place your smartphone into a sandwich bag or Ziploc if you go to the beach, pool, or a dusty place for easy protection. Secure it from the weather, dust, mud, sweat, and dirt to prevent damage. Some smartphones are now waterproof; however, accidents do happen. If you want to avoid any smartphone mishaps, do this hack. It will save your phone from dying when submerged in water or mud.

8. Call emergency services without dialing any number.

On an iPhone, hold down the power and volume buttons simultaneously to contact emergency services. It will ask first if you want it to switch off, but if you ignore the slider, an alarm sound and a countdown will start. Keep holding the buttons until the countdown ends until your phone automatically calls 999. On the other hand, you can press the power button thrice in a row to send an emergency alert to particular contacts on Android phones. It is an essential hack if you are struggling to use your smartphone and are in the middle of an emergency. 


Smartphones play a crucial role in people’s lives, especially in today’s generation. Simplify your everyday life with these clever smartphone hacks specified above. Since this device is now a part of your life and has been your partner for almost everything, you have to maximize its use to make things easier. With a bit of research, you will be able to know more about the different uses of your phone’s features and apps. Hence, give these helpful hacks a try, and you will be amazed how they can aid you in keeping things simple and easy.

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