Because of the work of players from the Caribbean, several Indian Premier League matches have been set. When they start hitting well, they might be able to turn the game around in just one over. The Indian Premier League is different from other leagues in that it shows the strengths and weaknesses of each player. Let’s look at some of the best players in the Indian Premier League (IPL), which has a lot of great talent overall as per live match video app:

  1. Chris Gayle –

He says, “I am the Boss of the Universe,” and many cricket fans would agree with him. His pride is backed up by the fact that he has never failed to finish a run dozens of times. He set a new record in the competition when he was playing for RCB. He got 175 out of a possible 200 points. There is no better way to predict how Gayle will do in international Twenty20 games than the fact that he has scored close to 5,000 runs in the Indian Premier League alone. There isn’t a single number that can tell us how Gayle will do (IPL). When he is acting as a representative for the West Indies, which is most of the time, he wears a distinctive orange hat.

  1. Dwayne Bravo –

Because he was there for the team when they needed him, every CSK fan should respect him. He plans to get wickets, but when the situation calls for it, he can slap fours. He has taken 183 wickets throughout his career and has kept a batting average of 23.82. Since 2008, when he joined the major leagues, he has scored 1560 runs in his professional baseball career. It has never happened more than once, and he is the only other West Indian player to ever get a purple hat. There has only ever been one.

  1. Kieron Pollard –

At this point in his career, Pollard can hit home runs. Even when he is in the middle of the batting order, he can hit home runs that go a long way past the fence. Since he first played cricket in 2010, he has only played for the Mumbai Indians. He has only ever played for this team. He has played in 189 games and scored 3412 runs throughout his career.

  1. Sunil’s Narine –

He began his career in the Indian Premier League as an average bowler, but throughout his time there, he became a reliable all-rounder. His partnership with KKR is the only one he has, and they just renewed their contract through 2022. Because he has taken 143 wickets, which is an impressive number, his strike rate is 161.69 and his economy rate is 6.74. Both of these numbers are very good.

  1. Andre Russell –

The Jamaican batter is, in the opinion of the Kolkata Knight Riders, hands down the most delicious of all the pies, and they just can’t get enough of it. After seeing how effectively he performed in 2015, they came to the conclusion that he should continue to serve in his current role for the foreseeable future. Because of his skill, they were able to reach this conclusion. Over the course of 81 innings, he was responsible for 2030 runs batted in. This is a fantastic illustration of his talent, which has been on full show all the way through the match. When he is having a good day, it is impossible to stop him from doing what he wants to do; yet, when he is having a terrible day, he is just as awful as usual and is simple to ignore.

  1. Jason Holder –

This cricketer is from Barbados, and at a time in his career, he led the West Indies as their captain. During the present season, he is playing for the Lucknow Super Giants club. The length of time he spent working at SRH demonstrated how skilled he was in his field. Both his bowling pace and batting position are considered to be “medium,” and he bats in the middle of the order. He has participated in 38 matches, during which he has taken 49 wickets.

  1. Nicholas Pooran –

Pooran’s abilities as a wicketkeeper have been just as essential to the Kings XI Punjab as his batting has been during the time that he has been with the squad. It won’t take him many more runs to reach the milestone of 1,000 for his career. In the years to come, a young football player has a good chance of achieving success in a reputable league.

  1. Hetmyer Shimron –

It is possible to place a wager on Hetmyer, a player who hails from the nation of Guyana. In the last over of every game, he has won it for his side by turning the tide in their favor. In all of his previous games, he has amassed a grand total of 831 runs scored.

  1. Evin Lewis –

Lewis has only participated in the Indian Premier League for a total of two seasons; nonetheless, he has already shown his significance by scoring 654 runs in a total of 27 games while also maintaining a strong economic rate. This objective was accomplished by the player when he or she was playing for the Kolkata Knight Riders. Before continuing, the group has to give this a lot of careful consideration first.

  1. Samuel Badree –

Samuel, who used to play in the Indian Premier League, maybe one of the players who has received the least appreciation for his efforts. Samuel was once a part of that league. This is due to the fact that Samuel participated in the Indian Premier League with a squad. His time spent with the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the supporters of the team will be remembered fondly for a significant amount of time in the future due to the fact that he got 12 wickets in only 11 games during the Indian Premier League.

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