Age Verification Solution

Currently, gaming service providers should keep their players’ safety in mind. But, the issue is that technological innovation has made it easier for fraudsters to target children for their nefarious objectives. Cybercriminals can exploit them because of poor age verification systems in place. In this way, e-sports industries must implement robust security protocols to develop a strong relationship with their users.

The implementation of age verification solutions can benefit the e-commerce industry and the tobacco sector. Additionally, according to KYC/AML guidelines, all corporations must show compliance with the regulations for effective fraud prevention. When it comes to traditional approaches, there are several loopholes, and fraudsters can easily exploit them.

Comparison Between Traditional & Digital Age Verification Solutions

Innovative validation services are replacing traditional approaches nowadays. ID verification has become mandatory to restrict the use of minors and ensure compliance with international regulations regarding liquor, cigarettes, and alcoholic products. In accordance with the Food and Drug Administration, the age limit for buying and selling alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes, is 18 years. As a result, corporations must implement intelligent solutions to keep track of the personal credentials of their users.

All enterprises, whether online/physical, must abide by the guidelines to ensure effective fraud prevention. The system only demands a Date of Birth (DoB), login credentials, and no paperwork. These steps are essential to discourage scam attempts. The AI-powered OCR system will quickly extract the desired data to validate IDs and users’ documentation in real time.

The latest age verification solution is GDPR compliant and provides global coverage to users worldwide. The newest system has removed the checkbox method to facilitate businesses. Finally, the system works with single API integration and helps fulfill modern-day business needs in a timely manner. 

The Complete Working Procedure Behind Age Verification Solution

The digital validation system enables corporations to attract genuine clients and provide their services for powerful fraud prevention. It comprises the following stages:

  1. Requesting Data Entry

The online age verification service instructs the client to complete an online form with their ID credentials in this phase. For instance, full name and Date of Birth (DoB).

  1. Demanding Secondary Documentation

After completing the first step, the system guides users to submit supporting evidence for comprehensive validation. For this purpose, the user must provide photos of their government-issued documentation such as driver’s licenses, passports, or ID cards. 

  1. Extracting the Desired Credentials

The OCR technology embedded with online age verification services captures the desired data in real-time and correctly stores information in the data servers.

  1. Validating Given Information

When all the above steps are complete, system shows the final results to the end user instantly. The age verification solution only stops the process in the case of forged documentation. 

Risks of Non-Compliance with Age Checks

The absence of robust age verification protocols has the potential to jeopardize the credibility of organizations. Unfortunately, it increases the chances of underage users acquiring access to prohibited content.

Financial Repercussions 

Global regulatory authorities have introduced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which all corporations must abide by to evade heavy fines and permanent bans. This rule is essential as it ensures data privacy for all entities. The legislation is vital for organizations (cannabis, gaming, lotteries & tobacco) that must perform age verification. Industries must remember that lack of compliance can incur financial damages of around $22.5 million. Nonetheless, implementing smart solutions can help modern-day industries deal with their challenges.

Reputation & Dependability Issues 

One of the main objectives of organizations is to develop a strong relationship with their client base. Ensuring higher consumer satisfaction results in a better market reputation which is vital for reaching profit goals and sustainable development. Consequently, present-day industries should invest in online age verification solutions for underage user protection, providing unbeatable security and long-term progress.

In Summation

The implementation of online age verification solutions helps organizations in providing state of teh art services to their clients. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) based services also assist businesses in complying with Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. Consequently, industries can easily streamline business operations to establish a strong customer relationship.

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