Several models of headphones have been launched till today. But Huawei FreeBuds SE is the most successful model among them and became the first choice of music lovers in particular. There are many reasons behind its popularity. Some of those are high battery time, noise cancellation, voice quality, easy to wear, and many more.

Unboxing Huawei FreeBuds SE

FreeBuds SE came in two colors, one is white, and the other is blue. But today, we’re going to test white color buds. They are placed in a box of white color. In front of the box are pictures of headphones, and on the backside, some essential features are listed.

After opening this box, you will get 1 pair of Huawei FreeBuds SE, 3 ear tips, a charging case, and a short charger having USB-A and USB-C pins. The shape of the charging case is very small, like a white capsule; even you can place it on your palm.

Some Amazing Features of FreeBuds SE

These headphones have a long list of features. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Easy to Carry

Whenever you go outside, you need a charger and a small box in the shape of an oval. This box will not take much space, and you can place it in any pocket or bag. On the other, it is very lightweight and also used for charging the headphones.

  1. High Battery Time

Huawei FreeBuds SE provides high battery time. According to the manufacturer, after charging the charging case, you can listen to music for at least 24 hours and ongoing talk up to 16 hours. On the other hand, headphones can be used for 4 hours for communication and 6 hours for listening to music.

  1. Noise Cancellation and Clarity in Voice

Most of us face difficulty listening to calls in public places like a railway station. Sometimes will miss an important call because of noise. You will not face this issue in the future because the FreeBuds SE is rich in noise cancelation quality.

You can respond to any call, even if you are in a concert or any other noisy environment. I have tested it on the busy road and bus station, and it is working fine. If you also face the issue of listening to calls and music, you must give a try to these headphones.

  1. Easy to Connect

When you open the Huawei FreeBuds SE charging case, a pop-up will appear on your phone if it is a Huawei smartphone. So, you need to follow the steps and connect them both. All this process is handy and fast. But if you’re using the phones of other brands, then connect both via Bluetooth 5.2.

Moreover, for optimal use, download a Huawei AI Life Application. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, the App Store, or Huawei AppGallary. Using Huawei AI Life Application, you can check the battery level of both headphones and charging case, select the touch function of earbuds, and perform a list of the other functions.

  1. Easy to Adjust in Ears

After opening the box, you will also get 3 tips of small, medium, and large sizes. So, you can use any of them which will fit your ear. Moreover, “L” for left and “R” for right will also write on the headphones so that you can easily recognize them before placing them in the ears.

  1. Premium Design and Color

The headphones came in a charging case of an oval shape. The charging case looks shiny, and Huawei is written on top. The battery gives different signals in green, yellow, and white colors. But white color indicates the mode is ready to connect with any other device. Moreover, 4 holes are present, two on each headphone. These holes help in the clarity of voice when your voice when you talk to any other person on call.


Overall, Huawei Headphone FreeBuds SE is an excellent option for purchasing with many features listed above. It has perfect design, high battery time, voice clarity, and easy-to-connect qualities. I have not noticed a single disadvantage of these headphones. Moreover, it is inexpensive than its competitors but superior in quality.

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