Do you love Animal Crossing? Do you dream of visiting Japan? Is your current life and/or financial situation too mundane to actually do so? Well, thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide, now you can enjoy the Japanese scenery without traveling abroad! Which is great for me because I’m living in a tin shack on the beach and could really use the extra cash.

  1. Heavenly

Fantasy Island is a 5-star themed island featuring bamboo forests, outdoor spas, bamboo onsen and cherry blossom islands, blossom picnic sites, Japanese tea spots, wedding areas, Japanese gardens, windmill valleys, statues and painting gardens, mountain top cafes, outdoor libraries, rural shopping districts and suburban residences. Playgrounds, gyms, and member’s clubhouses are also highlights

  1. Dimsum

The place where you’ll find your next adventure. Enjoy yourself on an endless walk through roof tops, explore the secret forest, and discover hidden pathways through alleyways. Take a breather at the train station; or go sightseeing at the airport. It’s all here. Items for a photoshoot can be found on market stalls, so you don’t have to carry them around with you everywhere — just stop by and pick up some fresh clothes!

  1. Nameless

The most amazing place in the world! (Because it is…) You’ll feel like you’ve been teleported to the streets of Japan. A little walk through this breathtaking city will leave you with a feeling of calm, comfort and happiness. Stay awhile and play with cats, climb trees and visit temples. There’s even a traditional Japanese bathhouse for those that fancy some relaxation. It really is an amazing city inspired by Japan!

  1. Valinor

The 5-star island is an art installation in Melbourne, Australia. It’s known as a haven for lovers of Japanese culture and an oasis for puppies, and is built entirely out of soft materials. The creator wanted to create something that looked like a cute little town, so it’s perfect for taking snaps with your friends and well-known Youtubers.

  1. Nano

A perfect symmetric hexagon Maze island will steal your heart and take your breath away. And you thought original mazes could not be exciting! This elaborate and expansive maze takes inspiration from the cherry blossom season, with a beautiful flower field at its centre. It is not only an exciting place to explore, but it will also feed your creative mind — and while you’re there, why not solve one of its puzzles?

  1. Cherry Blossom

No matter how many times I walk past this island, it never fails to take my breath away. The waterfall is the focal point, but the cherry blossoms present in both the tree and the bridge in front of it just seem to add that extra something that makes this island so much more than the sum of its parts. Each time I see it, I am reminded to pause for a moment and consider the beauty around me.

  1. Rock Garden

Take a look at this bamboo meditation room — it is the perfect addition to any Japanese-style island. All you need to do is design an awesome custom flooring for those wooden tiles. You can even customize the color of your sand, and add some different types of rocks around the room.

  1. Monument

Japan has a rich history of architecture that the rest of the world can still learn from, so build a Japanese-inspired monument in your town to delight everyone who sees it! It’s simple — just make or find a cliff, add some panels and lights, and enjoy! Japan is also known for its cute little pagodas, so add some to the top of your cliff as well as along the bottom.

  1. Marketplace

To create an artificial market that accurately represents the chaos of developing your island, you’ll need to start by paving a main thoroughfare with stone. This road will be the backbone of your bustling commercial district; creating it should be at the top of your to-do list. You can use this open space to build up or add platforms, depending on how you want to navigate your district.

  1. Zen Island

Create a ‘Super Cute Selfie Spot’ by throwing on your fave kimono and heading out to a Japanese inspired bridge. Set up a waterfall surrounded by bamboo trees to capture your favorite photos (to later use for Instagram). Create a lake, but remember to keep an island in the middle of the lake, so you can connect the bridges.

  1. Pancakes and Dumplings

Pancakes and dumplings on demand, or when you want! How? By creating custom designs for your stalls. You can customize your stall with your favorite images from the selection of stickers available, and even add additional labels to add more flavor to your store. Things like this will help make your store unique.

  1. Picnic Area

Let the zen begin! As an entrepreneur, or even just a human being who likes to enjoy leisurely activities, it’s important to appreciate the good things in life. You’ve made it this far in life without being stressed, right? That’s why you need a Japanese-style picnic area. It’s so easy to create — all you need to do is place stone flooring around your chosen area and add some nice stone tables and stools.

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