For many people, starting a business comes naturally. This is because some individuals are just born leaders with a larger-than-life mission, and they give their all to accomplish it. However, for those who want to launch a business but don’t know how to, a business coach can help you solve all your problems. 

A business coach is a professional with real-world experience to make people understand how they can run a successful business while educating others regarding strategies that can lead them to success. With a business coach’s help, people gain the knowledge to avoid making mistakes as entrepreneurs, hence, attaining quick success. One such business coach that has currently gained popularity is Brian Mark. 

This inspirational individual is the host of the #1 Podcast for online trainers called Change Lives, Make Money. The podcast has over 1 million downloads and has managed to motivate hundreds of fitness trainers to launch their businesses. Brian Mark also runs the Change Lives Academy which has over 1300 active members and has caused 260 online coaches to hit $10,000 a month. Another project known as the Million Dollar Mastermind 8 trainers scale over $100,000/month. He also owns the Iron Energy gym in Kelowna.

Brian Mark stands out from the rest in the world of business because he didn’t have money when he was younger. Yet, he remained inspired and worked hard to build a career. Till the age of 24, Brian was addicted to drugs; however, one day he decided to turn his life around and participated in a fitness competition. After he won first place in the championship, he started an online fitness coaching business to help others. By the age of 30, he had earned 10 million in sales.

When asked what pulled him towards joining the fitness industry, Brian said, “I was overweight when I was younger, and it made me realize I needed to make a change in my life. Once I turned my life around and developed a newfound sense of confidence, I wanted to share that with others.”

Nevertheless, even after earning so much through training, Brian realized that he could impact the fitness industry on a deeper level if he focused on building a business where he could coach other coaches. Brian also turned towards entrepreneurship because he hated responding to authority and wanted to be his boss. 

With nine years of experience as a fitness expert and tons of progressive business ideas, Brian Mark has emerged as a game changer in the industry. “I was able to achieve success because I outworked everyone,” Brian shared. “My advice for everyone is to hold your breath for longer than everyone else around you.”

According to Brian Mark, we should never regret anything that has happened in our life. He, too, spent many years in turmoil but was able to change things around with his ambition, passion, optimism, and vision. “I love my job because I get to deeply change people’s lives and help them build profitable online coaching businesses,” Brian stated. “And I make money doing it. My goal is to restore people’s faith in business coaching and show people what a business coaching company who cares looks like,” he added.

As far as future goals are concerned, Brian Mark aims to be the Gary Vee of the fitness industry.

Are you looking for tips to grow your business? Brian believes that the best way to start is to develop a morning routine, study sales, communicate with clients, and reach out to at least 25 people per day. It is hard to start out, but once you push through, the world will be flooded with new opportunities.

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