Did you finally reach the weight goals you’ve been aiming for? While it’s a cause of celebration, you should know that losing too much weight too fast can result in loose and saggy skin. That’s one of the main reasons people today consider different forms of plastic surgeries and various body contouring methods. 

If you lost 100 pounds within a short time and marked itself as one of the most amazing achievements of your life, that’s great! But, you must not forget that losing weight will leave behind excess skin. The main reason for that is when you lose weight too fast, your skin doesn’t have time to adjust, and it shrinks at a slow pace. 

In that case, you should know when you’re dealing with loose and saggy skin as a result of losing weight too fast. In this situation, body contouring surgeries and combined plastic surgeries have become lucrative solutions for people’s needs. 

A Quick Overview of Body Contouring

To get some of the best results, you can turn to Austin body contouring services. It’s a procedure in which a medical professional improves the excessive, loose, and sagging skin in shape and form through supportive tissue therapies and laser surgeries. Body contouring usually involves multiple procedures to help the body heal naturally and through medication.

Surgeons make large incisions on the body to remove fat and perform plastic surgeries to eliminate any scars left as a result. The technology, equipment, and procedures involved with body contouring have evolved significantly over the years.

The procedure is generally painless as the patient is always under general anesthesia (sedation). Once the surgery is complete, the surgeons place a temporary tube to drain out any excess fluids that form as a result of large incisions/surgical wounds.

Why Opt for Body Contouring after Significant Weight Loss?

Losing weight on a large scale can make your skin loose and saggy. While reaching your desired weight can be exciting and satisfying, seeing your skin sag can take away the excitement quickly. So, to relieve yourself of the sagging and loose skin, you can turn to body contouring by some of the most experienced and reliable professionals near you.

Experienced surgeons will use their skills and knowledge to try and return the skin to its previous shape and form. In turn, they will improve the elasticity of the skin at various parts of the body. To understand it better, here’s what happens as a result of losing weight too fast:

  • Hanging skin pockets around thighs, groin, and buttocks
  • Excess skin and poor upper arm shape
  • Downward-pointing breasts
  • Flattened breasts

Now, you may understand why body contouring is one of the perfect solutions to gain your desired body shape and form.

How’s Body Contouring Performed after Massive Weight Loss?

You will find numerous body contouring surgeries to help you achieve the desired physical look. But, you should know that body contouring rarely helps with weight loss. Instead, it’s the finishing touch that people go for after losing a lot of weight in a very short period of time.

Losing weight too fast, as discussed earlier, causes your skin to lose the elasticity that it naturally has. Since you can’t return the elasticity to the skin overnight, people consider going for body contouring procedures. Those procedures uplift the skin and reduce any looseness or sagginess around different body parts.

Body contouring is a form of gaining a new physical appearance after going through a hectic weight-loss journey. From forehead lift and facelift to breast augmentation and butt lift, body contouring can give you the smooth, sexy silhouette you’ve been striving for. But, it involves multiple procedures for patients who have excess skin as a result of weight loss.

For that sole reason, it’s best to consult a professional surgeon or even your general healthcare provider before undergoing those procedures. While the procedures are relatively safe, chances of complications can arise if you undergo them without preparation. 

Who’s Eligible for Body Contouring after Weight Loss? 

Only some people qualify for body contouring procedures after weight loss. Even if you have lost a ton of weight and wish to get the sagging/loose skin improved on your body, your medical expert may recommend otherwise. So, you must have realistic expectations whenever you’re consulting a surgeon or other medical expert.

The ideal candidates for a body contouring procedure will be those reviewed by a qualified professional. If you have a medical history that won’t intervene with your health during the procedure or after it, then you may qualify for it. You may have to reconsider your options if you’re a smoker because it can interfere with your skin healing abilities and cause various health issues after surgery. 

What’s the Recovery Like after Body Contouring?

Recovery time can vary from patient to patient, depending on various factors. Some of those factors could include the complications involved in the procedure, medical history, and post-procedure care. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

You may have to wear surgical garments during the first few weeks and get on with temporary drain equipment to remove excess body fluid near the incision/wound site. By following the instructions carefully, you can speed up your recovery time.

When to See Your Body Contouring Specialist or General Healthcare Provider?

Body contouring mainly involves invasive surgical procedures, so you must watch out for complications. A range of signs and symptoms can erupt if anything goes wrong during or post-procedure. Here are some of the main symptoms that should prompt you to see your surgeon or general healthcare provider:

  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Redness/excessive swelling (at the incision site)
  • Constant vomiting/nausea
  • Chronic pain even with medication
  • High fevers


So, do you understand the complications of losing weight too fast and how it affects your body’s aesthetics? Well, getting the right body contouring surgery requires proper consultation. For that, you have to find the best cosmetic treatments and clinics for surgeries. Find a clinic that brings you closer to the looks that you desire.

A great cosmetic treatments institute will discuss your needs and preferences while reviewing your eligibility to undergo the required body contouring surgery. At a reliable surgical institute, you can interact with experienced surgeons and create a personalized surgical plan.

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