Borosil unveils its new collection of cookware and Cookware

Borosil has recently launched a new collection of cookware and cookware accessories. Including gas stoves and chopping board. Visit the site Borosil and get a variety of items to choose from. Their products come in wide price ranges so that the customer can choose the products according to their budget. Borosil continuously updates its website, so now, if we check, we will see an icon named “New Arrivals”, and all newly launched kitchen accessories will be available. For example, mugs, bottles, griller, juicer, blender, chimney, kettle, tiffin, kadhai, cooker, gas stove, chopping board, etc.

Borosil kitchen appliance brand is popular and stays in demand because of its high-quality products, warranty for almost every product and 7-day replacement policy. It is recognised as the best company that makes gas stoves as they make them with toughened glass and heavy brass burners. Let us have a look at the two newly launched products:

Gas stoves



Gas stoves are not a want but a NEED for every household as they are essential for cooking food. It is important to purchase the best quality stove because if a little problem occurs, it can result in significant damage and even loss of life. Hence, get the best one for your kitchen- a gas stove by Borosil that will perform perfectly. It is available with different sets and combinations of burners, say, 2, 3 and 4, so that your work can be done in less time.

According to your usage, you can buy a 2-burner stove or a 3-burner stove or a 4-burner stove. Borosil gas stoves are made of 6 mm toughened glass and heavy brass burners to give them a classic look whilst maintaining the safety of the user. The high-quality brass burners are used in order to make cooking fast and fuel efficient. Properly designed knobs help in adjusting the intensity of the flame easily, and the sturdy pan ensures that your utensil/cookware stays in one place throughout the whole process.  They also provide a cleaning pin with their stoves so that clogged burner holes can be easily cleared.

What makes their product the best?

  • 6 mm extra strong toughened glass
  • Heavy duty pan support
  • Drip tray
  • Ergonomic knob design
  • Anti-skid legs
  • Easy to clean
  • Home service
  • LPG compatible

Chopping Board


Chopping boards, most commonly known as cutting boards, are an essential kitchen item used as a surface for cutting foods with knives. Borosil wooden chopping boards are made from sustainably obtained neem wood and are environmentally friendly. Neem is one of the safest materials to handle your food because it is known to have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial qualities.

The chopping boards are lightweight, strong, and kind to your blades since they are made to be both attractive and practical. They are made using neem wood sustainably sourced; these are tested to be durable and lasting. It is 100% organic and food-safe, with built-in juice grooves to help prevent a mess while preparing meals. These boards are eco-friendly and devoid of any chemicals or poisons, such as plastic. It is a handy tool for dicing, slicing, and chopping meat, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables and is very simple to clean. Dry completely after washing with moderate soap and water. To prolong the life of the boards, avoid submerging them in water. It comes in four different sizes and two different shapes, and it is a high quality trusted, a made-in-India product which will be a perfect addition to your kitchen.

What makes their product the best?

  • Wide surface area
  • Built-in juice grooves
  • Thick and durable
  • Knife-friendly surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Water and odour resistant

Borosil came up with a new way to search for fine kitchen and dinnerware. Choose from ample superior-quality items to locate the ones that are most appropriate for your house. It is trusted by millions of happy customers as it comes with various customer-friendly advantages, such as an easy return policy, prompt customer support, cash on delivery, and free shipping services, to name a few. Grab your favourite kitchen tools from borosil this season.


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