Salima Surani traces her roots to Southeast Asia and Kenya, but she’s proud to be an American who currently resides in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. Like most of the world’s population, she grew up fascinated with Hollywood. But one thing is sure that this socialite couldn’t deny her roots as an Indian. As a result, she also keeps up-to-date on the latest Bollywood projects and does her best to ensure that her culture spills over into America. Her latest effort aims to bridge the gap between Hollywood and Bollywood markets, and she’s accomplished this by collaborating with Indian rapper Badshah and Indian singer Ananya Birla.


Having graduated from the University of South California with an undergraduate degree in communication, arts, and media, Salima Surani always had an independent spirit and craved financial independence and self-autonomy. As a result, this ambitious personality decided to start her own business. Today, she’s a female entrepreneur, fashionista, and socialite. What sets her apart from the rest is the fact that she wears all hats perfectly and balances her careers with remarkable ease. As an entrepreneur and socialite, Salima Surani was always interested in creating engaging and intriguing content. She wanted to make something tangible that would last, even hundreds of years later, when everyone she knew was long gone and buried.


This is not all! She was also always passionate about art and music, and as a result, all she wanted to do was build a business that facilitated creative thinkers and artists. Thus, she delved into opening different studios. Today, Salima Surani and her brother Hanif Surani own a film studio in TMZ (The Movie Zone) called Popsicle LA. Then there is another film location studio adjacent to Downtown LA, which the amazing sibling duo launched almost four years ago (2019), by the name of Tuxedo LA. They provide architectural warehouse space for photoshoots and filming. In addition, they serve as the perfect venues for different events. More importantly, one of her studios also has a sound stage facility, which helped entice Indian hip-hop legend Badshah and famous Bollywood singer Ananya Birla to collaborate with her. Hence, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that her studios have been featured in multiple high-profile photoshoots, commercials, and music videos. In fact, these venues are ideal for hosting private and corporate events. 


Apart from that, she is the founder and creative director of All Pictures Media – a highly sought-after film production and photoshoot location agency. The best part is that the company has offices globally, including Istanbul, Los Angeles, and Dubai. Moreover, her incredible leadership qualities have propelled the corporation to unprecedented heights, making it one of the most coveted agencies for premiere film, TV, and fashion photoshoot locations. The organization’s success is driven by its proven track record. All Pictures Media provides the entertainment industry with optimum film locations with an unparalleled commitment to superior service, production requirements, professionalism, and, most importantly, integrity.


She has worked with some of the world’s most prominent artists and brands through her studios. After all, her studios and Salima have a proven track record. Their reputation speaks for itself. All Pictures Media has a long-running contract with the world’s largest sporting goods company, Nike. The partnership has been extremely bountiful for All Pictures Media as the studio has worked on several advertisements for the company, including one featuring basketball royalty LeBron James. The dynamic entrepreneur has also worked with Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, who she labels one of the nicest artists ever. 


Salima Surani has also used her pull to bridge the gap between Hollywood and Bollywood markets when working with popular rapper Badshah and singer and songwriter Ananya Birla. Southeast Asians often struggle to penetrate Hollywood and the United States because the country isn’t always receptive to foreign art. However, Salima is using her expertise to help talented creatives from her homeland make it big in the land of opportunity, the United States. 

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