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In the last two decades, several music streaming platforms have emerged out of the blue, such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple music, etc. Among all these platforms, Spotify has been able to get hold of the title of being the largest downloadable streaming platform globally. However, until the outbreak of COVID-19, these streaming platforms were much more underrated as these platforms were only beginning to rise.

Most artists used to launch their albums physically. After the pandemic outbreak, every physical product lost 23% revenue because everyone by that time was using these DSPs to listen to the music. Now comes the question, how is the artist getting paid by Spotify? When it comes to artists, Spotify doesn’t pay much to the artist as it should have been. So, what are the stats? Let’s take a look at it.

How much does an artist earn per stream?

According to statistics of the artist-rights site, The Trichordist, The pay rate has never been the same. Around the time of 2014, Spotify used to pay an artist around $0.051 per stream. Which eventually came down to $0.0437 by 2017, and again it was reduced again to be the current rate per stream Spotify now uses to pay to the artist, which is $0.03. That’s why there have been increasing numbers of artists who buy Spotify streams with the help of Jaynike.

Factors that determine the pay-per-stream

However, the variables that went into the calculation of the payouts per stream are vast and somewhat obscure. To explain it in simple words, we can say that not all streams are fair and acceptable. There are two categories of users, free and premium. While through the free users, the artist ends up making a considerable profit when an ad gets converted into the sale of the product or service. As for the premium user, the artist’s earnings depend entirely on the subscription price.

However, the premium price varies from one country to another because of the varied currency rates. For example, US citizens must pay $9.99 to get a subscription. Meanwhile, an Indian premium user buys the subscription at $1.99. The global average revenue per user of the subscriber is around $4.81. Due to these two types of users, an artist payment per stream fluctuated between, $0.03 to $0.08. However, to get a clear picture, here is the list of factors that determine the payouts the artist is getting from Spotify.

  • Which country does the user belong to?
  • Are those users free or premium?
  • How many ads have they listened to?
  • Do they purchase anything from the ad?

There are still many other factors that determine the payment earned by the user. However, due to Spotify’s keen sense of confidentiality, these factors are still not apparent.

How to get paid more?

In order to get more streamers, one can use either a Bot or a service provider who has real people as streamers. However, using a bot to get more streams can be quite dangerous. Upon getting caught by Spotify, it can end up creating a mess.

However, engaging a natural listener doesn’t create any mess as they are the real people enjoying music if you want to increase your stream to get paid more, Buy Spotify streams from Jaynike right now.

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