Choose The Right Window Blinds For Your HomeChoose The Right Window Blinds For Your Home

Whether a traditional, contemporary or eclectic style complements your interior, we have the perfect blinds to fit. MAC offers a wide range of elegant blinds, providing you with complete control over light and privacy. With more than 2000 fabrics from which to choose, and 80 shades of wood, you’ll never be short on options. Using the latest design technology and manufacturing techniques, you can create blinds that will complement your interior. At MAC, each blind is handmade in the UK to the highest quality. We believe our unique collection of fabrics and materials, combined with our commitment to outstanding service, means we can offer everyone a home that’s made for them.

Our custom window blinds for home collection is an inspired choice for every space and style. With hundreds of colors and fabrics to choose from, as well as several options for wood and metal, our blinds offer endless possibilities in window treatments.MAC motorisation is a groundbreaking window covering automation solution that makes motorised shades available to everyone. At the click of a button, blinds are set in the desired position. Blinds can be operated from anywhere, in any way with our systems.

Motorised blinds are the ultimate in window coverings automation. With the remote control solutions, you can operate separate rooms or floors with a click of a button. This is perfect for both private home offices and luxury homes. Our wired AC motors for commercial buildings can be connected to our building automation systems to control the blinds in all of your offices effortlessly. We’re working on our DIY battery operated motorised roller blind range at the moment, to see what that’ll be like you can head over to our associates based in Australia in the previous link, whom will be using the same supplier to supply the motors.

MAC’s motorised Roman blinds are the ideal solution for both homes and offices. With flexible control options available, you can raise or lower the blinds in a single room, multiple rooms with separate controls, or all rooms with a single switch. With smart options that allow you to schedule blind positions for daily routines, such as opening them in the morning and closing them at nightfall, our Motorised blinds are safe, environmentally friendly, and super easy to use.

Motorised blinds can be operated from anywhere, in any way with our systems. With a click of the remote, blinds are set in the desired position. It is suitable for the operation of separate rooms or floors in both private offices and luxury homes.Motorised Roman blinds allow you to operate your window coverings from anywhere, in any way. With a few clicks of the remote, the blinds can be set in the desired position. MAC offers wired control for commercial buildings or wireless solutions for individual rooms or floors.

Motorised and automated Roman blinds also present the perfect solution for complicated window and door constructions in buildings. Operable with a click of the remote, blinds are set in desired position. Anyone can do it! Automated and motorised window shades require no manual operation. At one touch of the wireless wall switch, use a wireless hand held remote or smart phone app, blinds are all set to operate automatically.

Our motorised blinds are the best you will find in the market. We have multiple motor types for different needs and environments. All our products are tested for quality and durability. Contact us if you need any advice on which type of window covering automation solution suits your needs best.

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