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Why should you purchase CMMS software? Every business knows how difficult it is to implement a new solution at work. You have to spend time researching vendors and going through the sales process. Also, you will need to train your staff.

However, the benefits of CMMS Software are well worth the effort. They can help you save money, improve safety, and achieve a lot more. Here are some of the benefits of using one to aid your field service business—

Manage maintenance backlog

Although some backlog is inevitable, it can lead to a slowdown in your operations. According to a report, the estimated cost of backlogged maintenance in US national parks amounts to $12 billion. Although it’s an extreme example, it shows the importance of maintaining a manageable maintenance backlog.

A CMMS keeps backlogs under control by balancing resources and maintenance expenses. This software can identify small fixes that might otherwise go unnoticed. It also allows for easy scheduling, assigning, prioritizing, and tracking of maintenance tasks so no jobs slip through the cracks.

Increase assets’ life expectancy

The age of equipment isn’t always the cause of their failure. However, it’s often a contributory factor. It may not be financially feasible to replace an old model of a piece of equipment with a new one. This is where maintenance proves handy. Maintenance is key to keeping equipment in top operating condition for longer. It is impossible to achieve this with guesswork. Integrating CMMS with sensors, and certain other systems allows you to track and diagnose an asset’s health, prevent failures from occurring, and plan maintenance.

Schedule and complete preventive maintenance easily

Preventive maintenance prevents minor defects from growing into major problems. This decreases the likelihood of an equipment breakdown. Maintenance teams are well aware that preventive maintenance is essential to minimize downtime. But the question is: How to schedule more preventive maintenance?

The answer is: with automated work orders facilitated by a CMMS. You can also create PM triggers based upon usage, time, or conditions in a CMMS. These triggers can be used to activate a work order which can then be scheduled, assigned, and completed. This work order is much easier to create. As a result, preventive maintenance becomes easier to schedule, which causes reduced downtime.

Inspect and repair more efficiently

If an asset has to be repaired or inspected, it causes downtime. This downtime is absolutely unavoidable. However, when the PMs or repairs are inefficient, the downtimes can get prolonged. These inefficiencies can lead to significant losses in terms of costs and time, as they lead to lost production.

A CMMS allows for easier inspection and repairs, reducing downtime. Technicians can access a mobile CMMS application from anywhere to view an asset’s history. They can also locate spare parts and other information so that work can be done quickly. You can also use CMMS software to find work orders that are taking too long and spot the problem so you can complete the work faster.

Accurately forecast what parts will be required for a particular maintenance

It can be costly to not have a good handle on your inventory. The cost of inventory overspending can add significantly to the original purchase price. It can lead to downtime, rush shipping, and expensive stopgap measures if you don’t have the correct parts for equipment that breaks down.

CMMS can help you manage your inventory so that you can avoid costly mistakes. You can make data-driven inventory decisions, eliminate overstocking, and use tools like inventory reporting.

Avoid rework

Rework requires a huge amount of energy, and leads to production losses, and other costs. The worst thing is that it’s difficult to cover this expense without the production staff working overtime.

Avoiding unplanned failures is the best way to reduce rework costs. Preventative maintenance keeps assets in good health. CMMS software can be used to help maintenance teams plan and schedule PMs effectively. You can automate tasks using a CMMS. Additionally, you can prioritize and assign PMs while keeping track of key metrics to maximize results.

Monitor and report maintenance costs

CMMS software records everything related to work orders that have been completed. This includes labor, parts, and other expenses. This software allows you to easily run a report on the costs and view where the budget has been spent. You can then make informed capital spending decisions. To prove the value and effectiveness of maintenance, you can compare the costs for planned and reactive maintenance.

Conserve energy

Manufacturers spend billions on energy each year. This shows that even small companies can save money by cutting down on their energy consumption. Good assets will be more energy-efficient, which can lead to lower energy bills. Reactive maintenance leads to wasted energy in production plants. It can cause inventory problems, poor scheduling, and rework. A CMMS will help you resolve each of these issues. It can also help you create a better preventive maintenance plan with automated work order.

A CMMS software has numerous benefits for field service companies of all sizes. If you are a small or medium-sized business, then investing in CMMS software for small business enterprises would prove immensely helpful for you.


Q: What is CMMS software?

A: CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. It is a software application designed to assist businesses in managing and tracking their maintenance activities, assets, work orders, inventory, and more.

Q: How does CMMS software benefit field service businesses?

A: CMMS software offers several benefits to field service businesses, including:

  • Improved maintenance management: CMMS software enables businesses to streamline their maintenance operations, schedule preventive maintenance tasks, and track asset performance. This leads to improved asset reliability and reduced downtime.
  • Enhanced work order management: With CMMS software, field service businesses can efficiently create, assign, and track work orders. It ensures that technicians have all the necessary information and resources to complete their tasks effectively.
  • Efficient inventory management: CMMS software allows businesses to keep track of their inventory levels, automate reordering processes, and optimize stock levels. This helps in avoiding stockouts and reducing inventory carrying costs.
  • Better asset tracking: CMMS software provides detailed asset information, including maintenance history, warranty details, and location. It helps field service businesses keep track of their assets, plan for replacements or upgrades, and reduce the risk of asset loss or theft.
  • Improved reporting and analytics: CMMS software offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing businesses to gain insights into maintenance costs, asset performance, and technician productivity. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions and optimizing maintenance strategies.

Q: Is CMMS software suitable for businesses of all sizes?

A: Yes, CMMS software can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes, ranging from small enterprises to large corporations. It helps streamline maintenance operations, increase efficiency, and improve asset management regardless of the company’s scale.

Q: Can CMMS software integrate with other business systems?

A: Yes, many CMMS software solutions offer integration capabilities with other business systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, accounting systems, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. This integration allows for seamless data flow and enhances overall business processes.


CMMS software provides numerous benefits to field service businesses, regardless of their size. It enables efficient maintenance management, streamlined work order processes, effective inventory management, and comprehensive asset tracking. With advanced reporting and analytics features, CMMS software empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize maintenance strategies, and enhance overall productivity. By leveraging the power of CMMS software, field service businesses can improve asset reliability, reduce downtime, and ultimately deliver better services to their customers.

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