As people become more aware of the importance of putting the right fuel in their bodies, they focus on their nutrition more carefully. It’s also no secret that nutrition matters more for some professions than others. For instance, professional athletes need the right nutrition to perform well in their respective sports and outcompete others. Similarly, professional bodybuilders also need the correct nutrition to ensure they’re in peak shape with minimal body fat when competing. However, that doesn’t mean that others can put whatever they want into their bodies without compromising results.

Let’s assume you work as a programmer in an office. Eating junk food and consuming excessive sugar could make you feel lethargic while working, affecting your productivity. As a result, you’ll also need the right nutrition to perform well. As a Harvard Medical Nutrition Program certificate holder, Ann Claiborne understands the importance of the right nutrition for professional athletes and executives. Her company, Customized Concierge Nutrition, ensures executives and other high-ranking corporate members fuel their bodies with the best foods for optimal performance.

Originally from Mississippi, Ann was raised by a dietician. Her mother always emphasized the importance of nutrition because it affects your overall well-being. Most people think the key to physical fitness is religiously exercising, but knowledgeable people understand that diet constitutes 70 to 80 percent of the battle. Her mother’s lessons would prove invaluable for Ann, helping her later in life. While she has become a pre-eminent nutritionist today, she initially started her professional career with a nursing degree. She served in the army as a nurse and was deployed to Mosul, Iraq, with the 101st Airborne division. 

She enjoyed a storied ten-year career in the military, working as a nutritionist for the Army World Class Athlete Program. This experience was extremely beneficial because it also allowed her to work closely with the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Eventually, after leaving the army, Ann decided to help professional athletes and executives focus on their well-being with her knowledge and expertise, prompting her to start Customized Concierge Nutrition. 

Customized Concierge Nutrition is a white glove, all-inclusive service that handles health and nutrition for knowledgeable clients who understand that time is money and health is wealth. The company works with C-suite executives and professional athletes, fulfilling their nutritional needs and ensuring they perform well in their roles. The company begins the process by performing a complete medical assessment. Then, a team of dieticians, nutritionists, hormone therapists, and functional nutrition specialists work together to create a customized nutrition plan for clients based on the findings. 

They’ll also hire a chef or a meal prep company to ensure food is delivered to clients’ homes or offices. Furthermore, each client is assigned a personal nutritionist who they can contact around the clock for advice. Customized Concierge Nutrition also handles clients’ dietary and nutrition needs when traveling. The company has worked with numerous high-profile clients, including well-known business executives, NBA athletes, NFL players, and actors.

Ann Claiborne’s latest program is designed to help C-suite executives overcome challenges in their life. She focuses on your situation and assesses how to tweak it to help you perform better. C-suite executives understand that motivation weans, but discipline doesn’t. Her goal is to build a functioning nutritional system for executives to operate at their best when making major business decisions. 

In addition to working with executives and athletes, Customized Concierge Nutrition manages the nutrition for the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, the third-largest Sheriff’s department nationwide. Recently, she has also started a new corporate wellness company called FirmWell LLC. The organization aims to address the gap in the health and wellness industry for lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals. It provides customized and comprehensive wellness programs.

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