For some men, oral sex seems to be an innate talent. On the other hand, others need a very detailed practical guide. That’s because the woman’s anatomy gives them many headaches. This article helps men who want to learn more about female pleasure and oral sex. It offers a series of advice that men should know for making their partners super happy.

Start slowly

If you haven’t offered oral sex to a woman before, then you can learn lots of useful techniques from an Indian escort London. These women are so experienced that they can teach you how to make your future girlfriend extremely happy. Kiss her neck, breasts abdomen, and inside of the thighs. Only then focus on the vagina. 

Do not hurry but “work” slowly, take your time, and do not rush. Women do not like to start directly with the highest “gear”. Listen to the signals. If your girlfriend does not make any noise, you certainly do something wrong. Try another approach, another angle, and pay attention to the sound signals. Use your hands. Even if the movements of your tongue are the most important during oral sex, if you use your fingers you can not fail. 

Stimulate the clitoris and the vagina at the same time

The stimulation of the clitoris and the vagina at the same time will make her go crazy. The “key” to orgasm is the clitoris. The clitoris is the most important when it comes to a successful oral sex session. Focus your attention on it and touch the area while you notice if the reactions are the ones you want. Don’t be fixed exclusively on stimulating the clitoris. Pay attention to labia, for example, which have a lot of nerve endings.

Try to surprise her

Even during oral sex, it is very important to know how to move your tongue and try to suck her clitoris easily, to see how she reacts. If she likes it, then you can include this movement in the repertoire. Do not kiss her after you finish. Some women have no problem with it, while others seem to be really kissed after oral sex, as well as with many men. Let her make the first move. 

If she does not want to kiss you immediately after having oral sex, kiss her on her neck. To ask your partner to give you oral sex, is quite moving, especially if you do not know for a long time. If you tell him directly, it sounds like a command and it is possible to interpret otherwise. But what do you do to succeed in bringing him between your feet? Here are some subtle modes to determine him to practice oral sex.

Make a joke … but be serious!

For example, you could ask him a rhetorical question, displaying an evil smile: “You do like oral sex, right?”. Make sure you are smiling while saying this. It will surely make him feel comfortable and he will answer you as honestly as possible. Also, if you watch porn together and you see a scene like this, you could look at him in such a way that he can understand that you would love an oral sex session. Remember, you must be as subtle as possible and not demanding. This way, you will increase your chances to receive what you want. 

Use your lips, tongue, and fingers

In order for a woman to enjoy oral sex as in the book, men must use their lips, tongue, and fingers. In general, any touch with your lips and tongue of her intimate parts should make her feel very good. The movements must be slow and become faster as pleasure increases. The clitoris should not be neglected either, the man must lick it and suck it. 

Fingers are of major importance when you put into practice oral sex. You have to use your fingers to remove the labia slightly and to explore other places, but without forgetting that from time to time you will return to the clitoris.

Positions play an essential role and must be as comfortable as possible

The woman must have the opportunity to stretch her feet in a comfortable way and to stay in this position. The man also has to stay in a comfortable position, which will give him the best access to the genital organs. Remember that eye contact is very important and you have to take this into account. Pay great attention to how your partner guides you.

The man must take into account the way the woman guides him. Lubrication is very important, so do not try to lick the clitoris during the cunnilingus, if the tongue or fingers are not sufficiently wet.

“Love, what about a 69?”

Why not try other positions? A happy couple is a couple with an active sex life. In order not to fall into the routine, try to come up with something new in bed and amazing. Position 69 is one of the most controversial positions. Yet, it is also one of the most appreciated because it involves teamwork. While providing oral sex, you are satisfied. This position is great because both partners can enjoy an intense and very pleasurable oral sex session. If you haven’t tried it so far, then maybe it is time to go for it. 

Be his guide for oral sex 

Most of the time, men are afraid of critics. Many of them even choose not to have oral sex because they feel they cannot satisfy their partner. That is why the way you speak or behave is very important, managing to influence the character of the person next to you. Be the one who guides him in exploring the intimate area. 

Try to use as few words as possible to show him the road: above, below, to the left, to the right, slightly, slow. All men want their women to be as honest as possible when it comes to what they really like in terms of sex. Don’t expect your partner to guess what you like.

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