Coolsculpting is becoming the go-to solution for many people that want to get rid of excess fat and rejuvenate their looks at the same time. While many of those that have undergone the procedure praise its benefits, there are equally a significant number of skeptics. This is despite the impressive results of some of the best coolsculpting Los Angeles facilities. Naturally, it leads to the question of whether or not the whole coolsculpting thing is actually worth it.

Does Coolsculpting Actually Work?

Coolsculpting is not like other fat removal procedures like liposuction, which involve significant surgery. It is a non-invasive procedure that helps to get rid of excess fat in some areas of the body. The procedure does not involve the actual removal of fat from the body; it simply helps the body get rid of fat more quickly.

A typical coolsculpting procedure will involve the use of a device that freezes the fat in the desired area of the body. The process that accomplishes this is cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis utilizes the principle of fat freezing at a lower temperature threshold than normal skin. During the coolsculpting procedure, the fat is frozen. The body later gets rid of the dead fat cells, hence eliminating the fat deposits in that area of the body.

In addition to reducing fat, coolsculpting also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the legs, belly, and buttocks.

Many people seeking fat reduction using coolsculpting sometimes get carried away, thinking it can be the solution for all their excess body fat. However, the results are not absolute. There are ranges of desired results. Body contouring is the noticeable main effect of coolsculpting. It is not a solution for those with body weight issues like obesity. Similarly, coolsculpting is not a substitute for a weight loss program like regular exercising or hitting the gym.

On average, satisfactory results can be obtained as far as losing some fat in specific body areas like the chin or upper arms. Of course, different individuals may interpret such results differently. For instance, if a 200-pound man lost about 10 grams of fat in his thighs as a result of coolsculpting, he may not appreciate it as much. A 120-pound man losing a similar quantity of fat due to coolsculpting would undoubtedly see better results.

Benefits of Coolsculpting

While most health gurus will have you believe otherwise, the reality is that exercise is not a solution to every weight problem. This is especially true when the undesirable fat deposits are in places like the edges of the tummy or chin. This is where coolsculpting offers a solution. The following are the benefits of coolsculpting;

i)Simple and Convenient

You can wake up in the morning, schedule a coolsculpting session, and be done with it within an hour of scheduling such an appointment, all without the inconvenience of having to radically restructure your day’s program. A typical coolsculpting procedure can take up to an hour. Of course, different factors determine this time period. For instance, someone that wants coolsculpting for the whole abdomen will spend much longer in the treatment room than someone that just wants to reduce fat in their chin.


This is one of the major selling points of coolsculpting. Surgeries, like those performed during liposuction, always carry significant risks like infections and other complications. Such things are not an issue when one opts for coolsculpting.

iii) Cost

On average, coolsculpting costs less than procedures like liposuction. For instance, you can pay $2000 for a session of coolsculpting for your buttocks. A liposuction procedure in that same body area may go for more than $3000. 

iv) Natural-Looking Results

For people looking to achieve a well-sculpted toning of the body naturally, coolsculpting offers just that. It is like getting a well-toned body through dedicated exercise without the many months required.

v) Treats Different Areas

Coolsculpting is usually a targeted procedure, focusing on the elimination of excess fat in one specific body area.

Is It Worth It?

Undoubtedly, coolsculpting has benefits that even its detractors cannot dispute. Of course, some prefer more “natural” methods of losing fat like going to the gym, jogging, and a strict diet. However, when all the benefits of coolsculpting are tallied up, it is a good return on investment. When the non-invasive nature of the procedure is factored in, it is a much more attractive prospect than liposuction and other invasive fat-reduction procedures.

For the cost of a thousand dollars or two, you get the benefits of quick, targeted fat reduction without the negative consequences associated with surgery.

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