Everyone has goals they wish to accomplish in life, but the reality is that making your dreams come true is more challenging than it seems. People often have plans about the things they wish to accomplish but struggle to fulfill them, especially when life throws some curveballs their way. It’s a tale as old as time itself. You cannot blame them because not everyone is well-equipped to handle adversity. However, the good news is that you can learn to become more resilient when facing adversity. Moreover, you still have hope as long as you don’t give up on your hopes and dreams.

As a successful motivational speaker, Eric Ranks believes a strong mindset is essential to achieve your goals and dreams. He has a mantra for success, which is to dream bigger and live better, and he subscribes to it. “Dream Bigger, Live Better is a philosophy rooted in the belief that we have the power to enhance our lives by expanding our dreams. Everything meaningful that I’ve achieved began with the conviction that improvement was attainable, a belief that ignited the spark of aspiration.” 

Dreams act as guiding stars in our lives, lighting the path to our purpose. Small or grand dreams are the cornerstones of our aspirations. But why dream those larger-than-life dreams that seem unreachable? Eric’s answer lies in the transformative power of such dreams. They nudge us to stretch our limits, thereby enabling us to realize our utmost potential. This paves the way for enriched living.

“Living Better” is a subjective concept that varies from one individual to another. For some, it’s a life steeped in gratitude. For others, it’s about leaving a lasting legacy or achieving personal goals. Whatever it represents to you, the pathway to better living involves shifting our worldview from scarcity and deficiency to one of gratitude and abundance. It’s about crafting a better life for ourselves and contributing to better lives for others. Thus, by daring to “Dream Bigger,” we can truly “Live Better.”

He states, “Nothing worth achieving in life comes easy. The road to accomplishing your goals is extremely challenging. People often say failure isn’t an option, but I don’t believe that. Instead, I think failure is the most readily available option for most people. Whenever faced with adversity, the first thought that flashes in most people’s brains is to give up and accept failure. But doing so prevents you from realizing your potential and achieving your dreams.”

Eric Ranks also delves deeper into the importance of having a strong mindset and how it can decide a person’s fate. Elaborating on the subject, he shares, “Success in both business and life hinges on the solidity of four fundamental pillars: mindset, gratitude, expansive dreams and goals, and personal affirmations. Any deficiency in these aspects is akin to removing a cornerstone from a house’s foundation, which invariably weakens your entire life structure.”

He further went on to add, “I am an ardent adherent to the principles of the law of attraction and the law of receptivity, as eloquently illustrated in ‘The Go-Giver’ by Bob Burg, one of my esteemed mentors. Burg explains, “Your ability to be an effective giver depends on your openness to receive.” When your giving is rooted not in expectation of reciprocation but in pure altruism, life often rewards you abundantly, surpassing your original giving. Furthermore, prioritizing personal growth and learning from figures such as Bob Burg, Tony Robbins, and Grant Cordone is paramount. These mentors have contributed to the development of the nonprofit, The Veterans Connection™.”

However, he has also faced numerous challenges during his career. He might be an international best-selling author, a certified health and Keto coach, and a business extraordinaire today, but the road to getting here was paved with obstacles. For instance, one of the earliest challenges he faced in his entrepreneurial career was with Aqua Vero in 2001, a company he founded that sold an innovative water product. Since the treatment process wasn’t FDA-approved and the legal costs were escalating, he had to make the tough decision to sell Aqua Vero despite its impressive success and growth.

He similarly faced another setback when his book ‘Boundless Success with Eric Ranks’ had to be postponed due to commitments to The Veterans Connection™. However, a premature press release announced the book launch nationwide, leading to a missed media opportunity as the book had not been published yet.

Nonetheless, Eric Ranks never gave up on his dreams. Instead, he buckled down and worked his way through the obstacles, allowing him to reach the position he is in today. You can learn more about him and his business ventures and purchase a copy of his book ‘Boundless Success with Eric Ranks’ by checking out his website, www.ericranks.com.

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