Aesthetic treatments and cosmetic surgeries continue to become more popular as people chase idealised versions of beauty. Dr Raj Arora is a leading doctor making a name for herself globally as a renowned aesthetician. She opened the first-of-its-kind luxury clinic on the grounds of a five-star hotel, Fairmont Windsor Park. Moreover, her work has also led her to be featured in prominent magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and Glamour UK. However, her story has multiple layers that make it more interesting than it seems. 

Based in the United Kingdom, Dr Arora might be known as a well-regarded aesthetician, but she also works as a General Practitioner (GP) in the NHS. Moreover, she also works as a private GP. She began her medical journey by moving from Birmingham to London to attend medical school after turning 18. Eventually, she started working as a junior doctor in the NHS. That’s when the expert realised she wasn’t fully satisfied with her role because she wanted to form deeper connections with her patients. Moreover, she wanted to empower her patients by providing them with the knowledge that facilitated their decision-making.

As a result, Dr Arora decided to become a general practitioner and later an aesthetic doctor. The best part is that she has enjoyed great success in both roles. As a GP, she worked during the pandemic despite giving birth only a week after the first lockdown. In addition to that, she used her platform to raise awareness about COVID-19 and vaccines throughout the height of the pandemic. She also joined Project Halo to officially share facts and information online and dispel myths about COVID. Apart from that, she worked closely with BMA and NHS on health campaigns. Furthermore, she was also part of a BBC TV program and highlighted factors that might have caused vaccine hesitancy.

Some might consider Dr Arora’s career as GP and an aesthetic doctor peculiar. However, she explains that what drew her to both roles is the respect and admiration for general practitioners because they have an extremely challenging role in the NHS’ current climate. She states, “The holistic care a GP provides to the community is second to none. But unfortunately, the media doesn’t do justice to GPs with how it portrays them. The job is thankless and involves considerable pressure, but I believe GPs can greatly improve patient outcomes with the right advice and treatment.

Similarly, Dr Arora finds aesthetic medicine inspiring because it can transform lives if performed ethically. She always found human anatomy fascinating, and aesthetic medicine seamlessly combines medical knowledge with anatomical knowledge, piquing her interest. Moreover, the aesthetic medicine field is also fast-paced and constantly evolving, so new treatments and outcomes are constantly being discovered. This dynamic aesthetician loves learning about new treatments and feels she fits in the industry perfectly.

As a leading aesthetic doctor, she is committed to providing the best treatments to her patients. She believes patients receiving aesthetic treatments embark on a transformative journey. As a result, Dr Arora tries to guide patients on this journey. She starts by helping them understand realistic skin goals. Moreover, she also prepares them to see small results over time instead of dramatic changes immediately. As a result, it’s not surprising that Dr Arora has an extremely high success rate as a skin expert with very few unhappy clients. 

Her luxury clinic, The Facebible Clinic, offers multiple aesthetic services, including injectables, peels, micro-needling, laser resurfacing, skin tightening services, body sculpting services, and complexion analysis. Dr Raj Arora also strongly believes that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in aesthetic medicine. Instead, she recommends a consistent and personalized skincare routine for patients. In addition, she suggests patients get an in-depth skin analysis using Skin Visia before getting treatments.

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