Dragon 99, an Asian-themed restaurant at Montclair dragon99 Plaza, recently received rave reviews for its cozy dining area, large bar and takeout options. Highly rated reviews recommend it as the ideal spot for anyone who appreciates fine cuisine without breaking the bank – plus there are various payment methods accepted here!

Once back at his base, Drake finds out that his clan has been murdered and the ancient Soul Portal artifact they guard stolen by Ghost Assasins. While fighting enemies including a demon-like creature, Ghost Assassins take possession of the artifact and escape through a portal into Spirit Realm where Drake discovers his Master trapped inside ghost form; ultimately the Spirit Gods grant Drake new abilities including running up walls faster and slowing time down.

Tang, a businessman and Drake’s mortal enemy, uses the Soul Portal to harvest dead souls for use in powering an undead cyborg army. However, during his pursuit of Tang he is resurrected in a fiery explosion to confront Serpent-Eye Sung, one of Tang’s henchmen, but when his factory collapses a Ghost Assassin escapes and steals away with its artifact – so Drake pursues him further and destroys Tang’s factory but ultimately abandons pursuit.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Toryumon this week in their best match yet, which featured lots of entertaining action from both men. The crowd was engaged, with plenty of big bumps and some impressive lucha-style high flying moves by both. Unfortunately, though, some heel beatdowns came late while babyface comebacks weren’t exploited enough; nonetheless it was still an entertaining show with an enjoyable cast of characters.

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