For adults and children alike, Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. It is the season when people put in extra effort looking for spooky costumes, dressing up, and adorning their houses with scary decorations, while children go from door to door in their neighborhoods trick or treating. 

This is not all! To celebrate this season, soirees and parties are held all around the globe, where it is mandatory to attend in eerie costumes. This is an exciting feat, as many rise to the challenge of winning the “Best Costume” award.

Whether you’re someone who likes to put in minimal effort or enjoys making an entrance, jewelry is a must. There is no denying that statement pieces can elevate your overall look and add oomph to your simple outfit. Moreover, jewelry can make you stand out from the crowd, especially when it comes to occasions such as Halloween. Apart from that, if you have an inclination towards Goth jewels, then you are in luck, as you can explore your dark side with Altier’s Goth collection. 

Altier Jewelers are the embodiment of class and luxury. Their expertise has enabled them to guide women to choose the right pieces that not only embody grace but also enhance beauty. The renowned store houses various brands, including Cartier, King Baby, Mont Blanc, Gucci, Patek Philippe, to name a few. Not only that, they have their own signature pieces, Altier Jewelry. 

As far as the Goth Jewel collection is concerned, it caters perfectly to the spirit of Halloween. It features statement pieces set in sterling silver, black diamond, topaz, and amethyst. So, it won’t be wrong to say that the pieces are versatile and will blow away your mind. Whether it is black diamond engagement rings, studs, skull engraved rings, leather bracelets with skull charms, and a mix of cross and skull necklaces, Altier Jewelers has it all. 

Since the brands are different, so are the jewelry items. However, the best part is that each ornament has been created keeping in mind eclectic clients who opt for something different and extraordinary. Every piece that is a part of the Goth collection has a spooky flair to it, but that doesn’t mean they can only be worn during the Halloween season. In fact, the pieces capitalize on their versatility, adding volumes to an individual’s personality. 


King Baby rings are designed in sterling silver and are engraved with spooky details. The designer’s collection has various carved shapes, such as skulls, lions, and even crosses. Some of their bespoke ornaments that are customers’ favorites include a lion’s head set in sterling silver, a gothic cross ring, and a jet-black day of the dead engraved skull. Although these are jaunty pieces, King Baby also designs delicate ringlets with encircled skulls. The range of rings screams Halloween, but it surely is a conversation starter, no matter the occasion. Moreover, another interesting piece – a diamond Dionysus ring set in 18k white gold – that Altier Jewelers houses is designed by the luxury brand Gucci. This elegant piece is priced at a whopping $7790, making it a true piece of art.


Altier Jewels have a lot of quirky pieces that set the perfect tone. King Baby has a lot of interesting pieces that feature skulls and cross in a black leather cross braid, costing around $345. If you aren’t a fan of the leather piece, they have necklaces paired with sterling silver chains as well, highlighting the day of the dead skull. The carved baroque skull pendant is set with a curb chain and is priced at $480. 


If rings and necklaces don’t sit well with you, you can always go for dainty but gruesome bracelets. For example, King Baby’s 2mm chain bracelet made with sterling silver features a ringlet of skulls coupled with their signature scepter. They also have bracelets created with black beads that give off Gothic vibes.

If you are looking for something exquisite or quirky, don’t forget to visit Altier Jewels – a jewelry store for luxury as well as Gothic pieces from various high-end brands.

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