The desire for long, thick eyelashes is understandable, but most of the time, this can only be achieved by using an excessive quantity of mascara. If you don’t have time to remove your mascara before you go to bed, you may find that it’s a nuisance. Many women utilize mascara because they feel that it is the only way to acquire black, thick, and long lashes. Semi-permanent eyelashes that resemble natural ones may be obtained via eyelash extensions. The thickness and length of your eyelash extensions may also be adjusted to get the desired dramatic look. After an eyelash course, you can call yourself an extension professional.

In place of using mascara to get moderately thick and long lashes, an eyelash extension will increase the volume of your natural lashes. Instead of coating your natural eyelashes with pencil goop-like mascara, eyelash extensions are woven into them. If you use eyelash glue to apply “falsies,” you’ll be happy to know that you won’t have to anymore. No adhesive is required with eyelash extensions! A few weeks of flexibility are as simple as choosing which extension kinds you desire. For your customers, these are the advantages of eyelash extensions.

Lifts Lengthening Eyelashes

The natural lashes on your eyes curve downward. As a result, your eyes are well protected from debris and other airborne particles. There are instances when it is tough to shape your eyelashes differently since they are intended to be doing what they were designed to do, biologically speaking. If you’re looking to give your face some depth and dimension, you may use an eyelash curler to do it. In addition to making your eyelashes look longer and fuller, curling them may also do the trick. Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, provide a semi-permanent curl for your lashes. There is no need to stress about twirling your lashes when using mascara.

Money is saved.

In the long term, eyelash extensions are more cost-effective than natural lashes. Eyelash extensions might be pricey initially, but the long-term investment can be worth it. If you are a mascara-only user, you won’t have to worry about wearing cosmetics with extensions. Applying mascara and curling your eyelashes prolongs your makeup regimen. Mascara or any other cosmetics is unnecessary when wearing long, full, and dark extensions.

Resistant to water

Water-resistant eyelash extensions are available for purchase. For those who shower almost daily, this is a significant advantage (which we hope you do). If you take a shower with typical mascara, you’ll see streaks of black makeup all over your face and eyes. Despite how simple it is to remove, mascara might spread throughout the day based on what you are doing. Even if your mascara is waterproof, it may smudge if you live in a wet region. Swimming in a pool might cause your mascara to smear, making you appear like a raccoon. Finally, if you’ve been crying, your mascara might easily run down your face and make you appear like a complete wreck. Lash extensions have no thickening ingredients, so they don’t smear. Extensions, in addition to not smearing, allow you to avoid applying makeup. Your makeup removal procedure will be removed for good!


You may offer your customers six to eight weeks of lovely lashes with eyelash extensions! You will also be able to provide an eyelash course and extension treatments to your customers with the training you get from your beauty school. Have lots of fun with those falsies!

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