Huawei Band 7 is launched in the market after one year of the successful launching of Huawei Band 6. People like and appreciate all the fantastic features of the Huawei Band 6. To continue their legacy in this field, Huawei introduced more attributes in Band 7. There is a long list of features which have this product, like a thinner band, big Screen, heavy battery time, fast charging, check the fitness and many more.

Top Features of Huawei Band 7 

Now we will discuss all the top features of Huawei Band 7, which are listed below in detail:

  1. Large Screen

The size of any product matter most to a user. If the Screen is small, it will be challenging to use that product. To keep in mind the importance of size, Huawei introduces a large size for Band 7. The Screen is almost 578 sq mm. This attribute will help you control all the functions and complete all the tasks efficiently.

  1. Thinner Band

Band of any product play vital role in its success. The band is responsible for the grip of the watch in your hands. So, if the band does not fit your wrist, the product you purchase is useless. Moreover, some users are also allergic due to thick bands. Huawei band 7 has very thin. That’s why this product is easy to wear, and you have a firm grip on it.

  1. Fast Charging and Battery Time

To charge anything, again and again, is a hectic job. You need to charge this product only for 5 minutes and forget to charge for at least two weeks. No product provides fast charging feature like Huawei Band 7. It can vary and depends on how you use it. So, if you’re looking for a smartwatch with long battery life, you must go for this.

  1. Available in Different Colors

Huawei Band 7 came in black, green, pink, and red. So, you have free choice and select it according to your interest. On the other hand, it comes in a simple box and is a very lightweight product. The weight is low because polymer materials are used to prepare its casing instead of metal.

  1. Impressive Display

The shape of this smartwatch is rectangular, which increases its view experience. The colors used on the Screen are vivid with excellent contrast. The best thing about this product is that you will get bright colors even on sunny days. In addition, it can be set for a dim display to use at night.

  1. Maintain Fitness

An optical heart sensor is placed at the bottom of Huawei Band 7. The Screen for heart rate and SpO2 (oxygen saturation) will appear by default. Furthermore, you can use it to count the steps during the morning walk and set it for multi-sport modes like Badminton, Hockey, gymnastics, and Spinning Bike. It also tells its user how many calories are burned throughout the day.

  1. WaterProof

Huawei Band 7 is rich with waterproof features. It will provide water resistance up to 50-meters and can be used during the water activities like swimming in pools. Please don’t wear it for deep diving, high-pressure rising, and hot springs. In other words, using this smartwatch during activities involving high temperature, pressure, and humidity is not recommended.

  1. Handle the Phone Task Quickly

Most of the time, like during workouts or driving, it is difficult to respond the call or messages on the cell phone. In such cases, Band 7 can be a great source to react on time and quickly. Keep in mind that this feature is only supported for the devices of android 7.0 or later.

Sum Up

Huawei Band 7 is one of the most affordable choices for smartwatch lovers. No smartwatch comes with tenths of features in this low prince. Moreover, there is no rival of this product in the market.

So, visit the market today and get this fantastic product. The reason behind its recommendation is its assisting attributes for its users like display, weight, casing, sensors, waterproof, battery life, fast charging, easy to wear, vibrant and vivid colors, and many more.

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