A garden room is a standalone unit that’s located in your garden, separate from your main property. These unique additional spaces offer a sense of privacy and individuality, providing a peaceful retreat.

Unlike home extensions, garden rooms are independent structures that can be used for a variety of purposes and can sometimes be used all year round.

You can turn a garden room into many things, such as an office, a hobby or game room, a music studio, or just a quiet space to relax and escape from the bustle of the main house.

Garden rooms are also more cost effective than traditional home extensions, being considerably cheaper than extending your property or converting your loft.

Furthermore, garden rooms are straightforward to plan, often don’t need planning permission, and cause less disturbance than traditional home extensions.

Garden rooms are an excellent option for those who wish to add extra living space to their property without the need for planning permission and the cost and hassle of a conventional home extension.

Why are garden rooms getting popular?

Garden rooms are gaining popularity for several reasons these days. Here’s why:

  • They cost less than traditional home add-ons and loft renovations and offer an easy way to create more room without the mess and disruption of a usual home extension.
  • They give more space without needing extra room inside the house or building a long and costly extension.
  • The garden rooms can be used for many different things, like an office, hobby space, home studio, or a peaceful spot to relax during your free time.
  • Garden rooms are often used as home offices, which allows for more time with family, which is a boon, especially if you have young children. This also means goodbye to traffic.
  • Garden rooms let you use all your home spaces by making a room outside, allowing you to fully enjoy nature and create a beautiful, private space that feels natural.

What are the benefits of having a garden room over a traditional home extension?

Garden rooms have a number of advantages compared to regular home extensions.

1. Most garden rooms don’t need planning permission and you don’t have to worry about building codes. This means they can be built faster because there is less paperwork to do.

2. Garden rooms are also more kind toward your pockets as the more budget-friendly option.

3. Garden rooms cause less disturbance than traditional home extensions. All construction is limited to the garden space, unlike the other case where you can be inconvenienced all the time as the building process happens indoors.

4. Plus garden rooms give you more privacy and flexibility thanks to a separate private space than standard home extensions because the former is outside your home and away from that chaos and distraction.

Garden rooms offer a separate area that can serve multiple purposes, from a home gym to a reading room, with endless possibilities. Garden rooms can also function as a detached garden annex, meaning there’s no need to modify your main house.

Want to see what your garden room will look like before purchase?

If the endless possibilities are leaving you worried (rightly so), you can design your dream garden room from your home using Modern Garden Room’s online 3D design tool to get a feel of how your space will end up looking. This tool lets you experiment with different designs so you can choose one that works the best.

Modern Garden Rooms provides hand-crafted garden structures that enhance your property’s value at a reasonable price. Our dedicated designers are committed to helping you create the garden environment you’ve always dreamed of. We offer free deliveries across the country and swift installation by professionals. Reach out to us for more information. For more information, visit https://www.moderngardenrooms.com/

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