International Business Managemen

The world of business is growing and becoming globalised at a rapid pace. In this growing market, pursuing a program in International Business introduces you to the possibilities of employment in the global market.

The economies of different countries are recovering and are on the rise after the pandemic has slowed down. Having a graduate certificate in International Business Management gives you an edge over others in the job market of multinational companies and corporate sectors.

As many companies are setting up bases across different parts of the world, the career opportunities for graduates in International Business Management is also on the rise. Here are a bunch of options for those wondering about the possibilities after.

Logistics Administrator

An integral part of the business sector, a logistics administrator is responsible for the supply chain management of companies. With the market showing growth every day, the monitoring of smooth transportation of products to meet the requirements of the clients is the responsibility of a logistics manager. The planning, supervision and management of the logistics department of a company come under the administrator making him an important part of the business chain.

Foreign Trade Specialist

The international market is the point of focus of most companies doing business operations. As a foreign trade specialist, you must analyse the changes in the global economy along with the trends in foreign markets to guide the decisions and strategies of the company and client. The production, as well as import and export of an organization, is largely dependent on the insights of the trade specialist.

International Brand Manger

Staying ahead in a highly competitive industry is important for every business looking to make profits in the long run.  An international brand manager uses analytics to study business trends around the world and build the brand name of the respective company. Increasing the visibility of the brand and developing products that resonate with potential customers falls under the responsibility of the brand manager.

Customs Broker

Customs brokers are the intermediaries in the import/export operations of companies. They ensure that the product packaging and shipments follow the rules and regulations prescribed for the process. Completing and checking the documentation is also a part of the customs broker’s job. They act as the link between government authorities and clients, ensuring that the taxes and duties of the products are estimated correctly.

Business Development Associate

In order to grow, acquiring new clients and businesses is very important for an organization. A business development associate has the responsibility of bringing in more business both nationally and internationally. In this job role, one is required to connect and work closely with the sales team to boost business growth. The Business Development Associate is a channel for maintaining public connections so that the company gets more clients and grows in the international market.

Having a graduate degree in International Business Management opens new and challenging prospects for students. If you are looking to be a part of the international business sector with lucrative opportunities, International Business Management is the program for you.

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