Germans living abroad are relatively safe in the country. According to statistics, everything seems to be fine. According to the statistics, violent crime is rare in Germany. Typical areas in which ordinary people cannot go because of the likelihood of being shot do not exist. Even major cities in America can get crowded at times. And as in any major city, there can be some trouble spots. A situation that puts you in danger is called a danger to your life. When you have a small firearms license, you can defend yourself against the many threats that exist in this country.

We will explain what this means and how you can get help to apply for German small gun license (Kleinen Waffenschein beantragen). You will also be required to submit documents in order to obtain a small gun license.

Could you describe the danger level in Germany?

My family lived in East Germany during the fall of the Iron Curtain when I was a young man. There were about 35,000 people living there at the time. Following the fall of communism, Nazis took over the streets. The attackers were vicious and beat people up without apparent reason whenever they attacked. Police usually weren’t called very often. Are there any chances of calling the police? Late at night, during daylight hours. What should you do? So, police statistics do not show “any unusual activity,” since violent crimes were not reported. In my experience, I was reminded of the time when I stopped going to the disco every weekend when I was a teenager. Whenever I left the house after midnight I would feel unsafe. I have completely changed my perspective since moving to Bavaria. Previously, I lived in a relatively safe neighborhood.

We in this country are not the only ones who feel that way. There are certainly many challenges we face as a country. However, most of the population avoids them for survival’s sake. As far as statistics are concerned, everything appears to be fine. Despite this, the population is restricted from freely moving around.

Earlier this year, before the 2006 World Cup in Germany, an atlas of areas on the continent inhabited solely by black people was published.

Furthermore, Jewish residents of Muslim-dominated neighborhoods say they are routinely the targets of violence.

Almost everyone knows that Germany isn’t completely safe. Germany’s apparent calm may deceive at first glance. Therefore, local residents restrict movement within the community, which explains why nothing has happened.

What are your options for self-defense when you have a small firearms license?

The restrictions are not mandatory, but you may accept them. There are also other options besides going to the gym and forming a gang, and engaging in martial arts. You can become a licensed gun owner, for example.

Germany is the only country where a small firearms license can be obtained. In this country, firearms cannot be carried. In particular, pistols cannot be carried. As well as knives and sticks, baseball bats and brass knuckles, they are prohibited. Offenders will be heavily fined for possession of weapons.

In spite of this, the state has left some options open for ensuring criminals’ safety. The gas pistol, alarm gun, and signal gun are just a few examples of weapons that can be freely traded. It is legal to possess such weapons.

There is no restriction as long as they are strictly controlled. A small firearm license can be obtained from the public order officer responsible for the area.


What are the requirements for obtaining a small gun license?

To obtain a small gun license, you typically need to meet certain criteria, which may vary depending on your jurisdiction. These requirements often include being of a certain age, completing a background check, providing proof of identity and residency, and in some cases, undergoing a mental health evaluation. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements set by your local authorities.

How long does it take to obtain a small gun license?

The duration for obtaining a small gun license can vary significantly depending on the jurisdiction and the efficiency of the licensing process. In some cases, it may take a few weeks to several months to complete the necessary paperwork, undergo background checks, and receive approval. It is advisable to start the application process well in advance and be prepared for potential delays.

Can anyone obtain a small gun license?

The eligibility criteria for obtaining a small gun license typically involve restrictions based on age, criminal history, and mental health status. Persons with felony convictions, a history of domestic violence, or certain mental health conditions may be prohibited from obtaining a gun license. Additionally, jurisdictions may impose restrictions based on the purpose of firearm possession, such as self-defense, sport shooting, or hunting.

Are there any training requirements for obtaining a small gun license?

Many jurisdictions require applicants to complete a firearms safety course or training program as part of the licensing process. These courses often cover essential topics such as safe handling, storage, and use of firearms. It is essential to research the specific training requirements in your area and ensure compliance before applying for a small gun license.

Can a small gun license be revoked or suspended?

Yes, a small gun license can be revoked or suspended under certain circumstances. If a licensee violates the terms and conditions of the license, engages in illegal activities, or becomes ineligible due to changes in their criminal or mental health status, their license may be revoked or suspended. It is important to understand and abide by the laws and regulations governing firearm possession to maintain a valid license.


Obtaining a small gun license is a process that requires careful attention to the specific requirements and regulations set by your local authorities. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria, undergo any necessary training, and complete the required paperwork. Patience is key, as the licensing process can vary in duration and may involve background checks and evaluations. Additionally, it is important to maintain compliance with the terms of your license to avoid any potential revocation or suspension. By following these tips and adhering to the laws governing firearm possession, you can ensure a smooth and responsible path to obtaining a small gun license.

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