Trading has become more popular over the past decade, especially since the internet has made it easier for retail investors to have better information for making trading decisions. Trading has become virtually inescapable. By Scrolling through your social media feed, you can see tons of influencers sharing posts about trading platforms, courses, etc. This new generation of traders includes David Capablanca. David is a newly renowned trader who has carved out a stellar reputation for himself. 

An architect turned financial trader, David Capablanca graduated from the University of Florida with an undergraduate degree in design. He then moved to the West Coast to get a Master’s degree in Architecture from UCLA. He always had a passion for architecture, but unfortunately, the reality is that attending college and graduate school isn’t cheap. By the time he left UCLA, he was saddled with significant student debt and to make matters worse, the architecture field doesn’t pay well. He also knew it would take a few more years to become a licensed architect, which was overwhelming, especially after seven years of schooling. 

Consequently, David decided to turn his attention and energy elsewhere. He was always fascinated by financial markets. He liked the stock market, so he decided to educate himself in financial markets by signing up for courses. David took to the trading world like a duck to water. Architecture and trading might seem like two different realms, but they share multiple commonalities. For instance, both trading and architecture are both an art and a science. Traders understand that they must follow some common financial trading rules to succeed. Architecture also follows similar principles.

Architecture and trading are also art forms. Hundreds of thousands of architects exist worldwide. While they might follow some fundamental rules, each architect puts their spin on a proposed construction, highlighting their creativity. Similarly, traders follow a similar path. They might have entry and exit rules together with risk management principles, but traders approach trades uniquely based on their trading styles. 

This realization helped David Capablanca because it made transitioning from architecture to trading easier. He first forayed into the trading world in 2016 and liked trading right away because he knew his performance determined his results. Trading also marked a departure from the architectural world because architecture requires you to spend years as a professional before you can finally achieve what you’ve always wanted to do. In trading everything is performance based, which means you increase your odds of success with the amount of work you put in. 

Despite only starting trading in 2016, David has become one of the highest-rated verified short-sellers on Kinfo, a trade verification service. He has developed a successful strategy that works for him, which is short-selling small-cap companies. Most traders are often too fixated on large-cap and blue-chip companies, but focusing on small-cap companies has allowed him to become one of the leading short sellers in this niche. He has crossed over half a million in verified profits with a success rate exceeding 90 percent. Apart from that, he was also the lead investigator of the FLGC (Flora Growth) short report, which required him to fly to Bucaramanga, Colombia, to investigate and expose the pump and dump scam. 

David Capablanca’s success didn’t happen overnight. Instead, he had to work tirelessly to reach his position. The skilled trader has a simple mantra for success: improving one percent every day. This mantra has helped him become a well-renowned trader in a short period of time. Although David started trading in 2016, he disappeared for nearly three and a half years, where he went into a self-created bubble where he devoted twenty hours each day to studying and obsessing over stocks and the stock market. He credits this obsession with helping him become the trader he is today.

In addition to being a renowned trader, David Capablanca has a YouTube channel called Friendly Bear Research. Additionally, his podcast called The Friendly Bear Podcast is available on all major streaming platforms. The Friendly Bear Podcast is a show that focuses on interviewing some of the best traders in the world.

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