Charsi Tikka

The fragrance that rises with the smoke of mutton is the hallmark of Peshawar’s salt market. With cold gusts, we see the salt market.

How was Charsi Tikka Made?

This delicious dish is a cultural dish of the Pashtun tribal lands along the Pak-Afghan border and its cooking is very local. It is a very different style of cooking from other parts of Pakistan, in which Masaka is preferred because of its simplicity compared to the complex curry and spicy dishes of the eastern plains and southern coasts.

The robust food is based on generations-old dishes from the surrounding Pashtun tribal territories along the Afghan border.

It is known for its simplicity in comparison to the elaborate curries and spicy foods of Pakistan’s eastern plains and the southern coast.

How much cannabis is used in Charsi Tikka?

The parents of Nisar Charsi, the owner of Charsi Tekka Shop, started this business 55 years ago and they used to call him Charsi. They do not contain any cannabis nor do they use cannabis themselves. However, this dish has a lot of masculinity due to the fat and meat of the bean.

For the tacos, beef is chosen which is not too fatty and the meat is soft. He said that the role of proper heat of coals in the hearth for the specific taste is also important.

In the report of Lahore 42 News with the owner, he clarified that no cannabis is part of the food.

Charsi Takka is the first choice of tourists.

When we look at the people who were eager to eat in the salt market, I saw more people coming from other cities than the locals. So he was busy with his work but come to Peshawar and don’t eat these tikkas, It can’t happen. He said that this is a traditional dish here.

Customers at Nisar’s Charsi and other Salt Market restaurants frequently come in big groups, with experienced customers buying food by the kilo and directing cleaver-wielding butchers to their favorite cuts, which are then prepared instantly.

Orders often take around an hour to make, with clients sipping tea and perhaps smoking hash before the meal.

For those who want less lamb, the city’s famed chapli kebab is an option.

The difference between Copy and Original

Nisar Charsi says that the pieces that are made in other cities are a copy of the same. In fact, this is the fate of Peshawar The original cannot be compared to the imitation. Nisar Charsi says that people who come to him usually eat one kg of meat per person, which is used to digest the Peshawar coffee.

In the salt market, in addition to tacos, only salt and pepper are used to make a mutton frying pan, which uses the fat of the dumba.

You can watch the full process on Lahore 42 News.

Selection of animals for meat 

Charsi Tikka

Making this meat is a special skill and this meat is made and weighed in front of the adjoining shop. Hygiene is also ideal here.

How to identify real Charsi Tikka?

Charsi Tikka

Nisar Khan says that the identity of the real Charsi Tikka is his picture all over the country.




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