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Marketing has always been an important part of the business sector because it is the medium through which customers connect with a brand. The sole objective of designing a product or service is to earn profits but that cannot be achieved without visibility. 


Connecting with the target audience, sending out the right message and showcasing your products are done through marketing. The popularity of this sector has also led to an increasing number of students opting for digital marketing course


In the current digital era, marketing has undergone a tremendous change where new channels of connectivity have opened up. This has shifted the impact that traditional marketing held on customers, putting an emphasis on digital marketing. So while the former is still around, the latter is considered a more affordable and credible platform. 


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The rising popularity of digital marketing 


Gone are the days when brands had to put huge billboard ads and hoardings to catch the attention of the audience. Now as per Statista, nearly 6.648 billion people in the world are using smartphones and 4.62 billion have an active social media account as of 2022. Since the worldwide audience is accessible online, the business has to use that platform to connect with potential customers. 


In scenarios like the COVID-19 lockdown, online marketing was the only way any brand could reach out to customers. Also, with growing digitalization, everyone resorts to technology and audiences are keen to connect with brands that have a strong digital presence. 


Take multinational brands like Nike for example which uses its social media account to connect with customers, resolve their queries and also employ every new digital technology to create brand awareness. IKEA is another brand that is very active on social media and uses the platform for news, updates, giveaways, and other promotional activities. 


Digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing 


Traditional marketing remains an ingrained part of our lives as the immersive experience of TV commercials cannot be replaced. Though, digital has taken a wide space in the marketing arena, simply because digital is a regular touch base in our daily life. 


Many of us have a habit of checking our emails and our social media accounts at least a few times every day. It is often a morning or nightly ritual where we also see what is trending in terms of food, clothing, accessories, travel and more. Most often our decision making is influenced by an ad that we see on Instagram or Facebook or by reviews left by other customers under Amazon purchases. 


Our buying choices are also based on the preference of friends or influencers. This makes digital an excellent choice for brands that can reach out to customers. Digital marketing gives better engagement, has a high conversion rate and is way more affordable than traditional marketing. What’s better is that the ROI for digital is easily measurable and all other digital activities such as running ads, checking website performance and more can also be tracked easily to see if it’s bringing desired results.


The reach of digital marketing is immense and it will only continue to grow in the coming times. Developments in this sector are progressing at breakneck speed, making it a dynamic path for career building and a suitable platform for brand promotion. 

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