Personal injury cases are tricky because one side seeks compensation for damages while the other declines liability. 

When filing a personal injury claim, it’s always advisable to have professionals on your side. An attorney specializing in personal injury claims is nothing short of a necessity.

But sometimes, there’s a need for more professionals to explain specific scenarios that require expert input. These experts who come in to provide specialist testimony are known as Expert Witnesses.

What Makes One an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a master in their field. They are required to use their technical or specialized knowledge to assist lawyers, judges, and jurors in better understanding specific facts about the case.

Still, for an individual to qualify as an expert witness in a case, they must be able to demonstrate that: 

  • The experience and knowledge they bring will enable the court to understand the technical aspects of the case
  • Their testimony is grounded in established industry facts
  • They are able to apply their knowledge to the relevant facts of the case

When to Bring in an Expert Witness

Some cases are challenging and may require technical analysis that lawyers can’t provide. This is when an expert is brought in to cast a light on the subject.

Let’s say you were injured in a rideshare accident. Giant companies like Uber and Lyft have a lot of resources that allow them to fight settlement claims. They have a team of experienced lawyers and experts who have what it takes to diminish your personal injury claim.

JT Legal Group suggests hiring an accident attorney who will evaluate the case and bring in a subject matter expert when the situation demands it.

Ways an Expert Witness Can Help Your Claim

Can an expert witness help solidify your claim?

They definitely can, and that’s why both sides in the case will try to enlist the testimony of an expert. Here are ways expert witnesses can help your claim:

  • Establish Fact

You should remember that the job of an expert witness isn’t to prove that your evidence is sufficient. They deal with facts, and so it’s your job to make sure the facts they present can support your claim.

There’s a chance that the at-fault party will bring an expert of their own to strengthen their point of view. As such, your team shouldn’t dismiss the need for a specialist to establish facts.

If your case is particularly tough to prove or contains some technical aspects, bringing in an expert would be highly beneficial. Generally, cases involving issues that require economic updates, mathematical analysis, or medical input are better off with an expert.

  • Counter Principles

If it turns out that the at-fault party has brought an expert witness, it’d be best if your team brings one as well to counter the arguments of their fellow specialist.

It’s true that expert witnesses are required to present opinions established as facts in their field. However, you should know that there can be various acceptable theories or principles.

If the other specialist bases their opinions on one principle, your witness may counter with another accepted principle.

  • Provide Clarity

Personal injury cases involve a lot of information. When parts of the presented info require a specialist view, an expert comes in to break things down in a way that everyone can understand.

This is not a simple task, but that’s why you need an expert in the subject to provide clarity.

An experienced expert witness will be able to extract relevant info from the technicalities of the case and, in a short testimony, provide an explanation. Basically, they can uncomplicate a complex topic for everyone’s benefit.

  • Impartial Support

Ordinary witnesses, also known as Lay Witnesses, can be biased. They are not entirely reliable, and the at-fault party’s lawyers can easily discredit them during cross-examination.

The same can’t be said of expert witnesses because they are required to be impartial. Their testimony can’t be discredited when it’s grounded in facts. This helps your case by providing an unbiased, fact-based opinion.

Final Thoughts

An expert witness isn’t needed in all personal injury cases. But using an expert witness anyway is still a powerful strategy. Your claim will benefit from a professional and impartial explanation.

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