If you’re a worker in Georgia, then you must have a bit of knowledge about Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Georgia. It is an accident insurance program offered to the workers by their employers. This insurance will cover recovery, medical, and income benefits if something happens bad at the workplace. These benefits will be provided until you return to your job sound and healthy.

Here, we will discuss different types of workers’ compensation. These are temporary total disability, permanent total disability, temporary partial disability, and permanent partial disability. The benefits of all disabilities are different and will decide after the advice of a medical board. You can also consult on Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer firm free of cost.

Types of Disability and Benefits of Workers’ Compensation¬†

After getting an injury in the workplace, a doctor will examine and provide a report on your ability to work. This assessment will specify the type of disability in which you fall like:

  1. Total Disability Benefits

It has further two types, as given below:

  • Temporary Total Disability Benefits

If you got an injury and cannot do work, you will fall into this category. Your employer will be bound to pay two-thirds of your weekly salary. Like if your average weekly wage is 600$, then you will get 400$ as Workers’ Compensation. These benefits are provided until your health is improved or at least 400 weeks have passed since your disability.

  • Permanent Total Disability Benefits

You will qualify for this type if you have a severe injury like losing a limb or paralyzing any body part. In such situations, you will get permanent total disability benefits, which are also two-thirds of your weekly salary. Continuation of this benefit depends on your situation in the future. If you didn’t recover, the employer would be bound to pay you even a lifetime.

  1. Partial Disability Benefits

These benefits are divided into two parts, as discussed:

  • Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

Suppose you got an injury during your job and again came to the workplace. But now, you cannot do work as before the injury due to some temporary partial disability; you can receive these benefits. In such a case, the worker will get two-thirds of the difference between the salary before and after the injury. These benefits will last 350 weeks or until you get maximum improvements.

  • Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

If you lose a particular body part, then you’re eligible to get benefits of permanent partial disability. For this, your impairment rating will be checked, and the amount you receive as a benefit will be decided. The rate of this disability is also two-thirds of salary per week.

  1. Medical Benefits

According to the act, your company will pay all the dues until the complete recovery and improvement. To get this benefit, you need the prescription of an authorized physician. In most medical disabilities, you will get the benefits for at least 400 weeks, which can also be extended on the medical report.

  1. Death Benefits for Georgia Workers’

The dependents of a worker will get death benefits if he dies due to injury at the workplace. According to the act, the following dependents are eligible to get comp benefits:

  • Spouse (Wife or Husband)
  • Children (Including Step and legally adopted children)

Children under 18, whether they’re physically or mentally fit or not, will qualify for the benefits. Moreover, if one of them is older than 18 but incapable of earning, they will also be eligible. But the children. But the married children didn’t benefit from this workers’ death compensation.

The dependent family will get 270,000$ in total. All the amount will deliver to a spouse in case of no other dependents. Moreover, survivors also receive up to 7500$ to meet the burial expenses of deceased employees.

  1. Claim theWorkers’ Compensation Benefits

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