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We understand that is a wide range, however, there are various factors that can affect your pricing, such as the site of the clog, how difficult it is to reach the obstruction, the gravity of the problem that is generating the obstruction, the use of a video camera for inspection purposes, the plumber you employ, etc. 

To receive an accurate quotation, you’ll need to call a plumber, but to help you plan and budget, we’ll explain how each component affects your overall clogged drain cost. Considering local plumbers in Clarkson, when you live in Clarkson is crucial – short distances save you money and time in urgent situations.

Factors Affect The Cost:

The Site of the Cog

It will be more costly to clear a clog in your main sewer line. To see why to consider the two kinds of drainages in your home:

  • The Main Sewer Line:

The main sewer line is responsible for transporting wastewater directly to the sanitary sewers (or your home’s septic tank). It’s frequently hidden beneath your lawn and can be tough to reach. When many drains in your home become stuck at the same time, this is an indication of a main sewage line obstruction. Assume you flush the toilet and your shower fills with sewage. In this scenario, your plumber would most likely use a camera to determine the exact site of the blockage. If the clog is further down the line, they’ll require special equipment to get to it. This will almost certainly boost your costs because additional time and tools are required.

  • Sewer Lines for Supplementary Use:

Secondary sewage lines transport wastewater from secondary sources, such as your washbasin, toilet, shower, and washing machine, to the main sewer line. When it comes to secondary lines, if there’s just a single fixture that’s clogged (say, your kitchen sink), a plumber can probably clear it in a matter of hours using simple tools.

How Tricky it is to Approach the Blockage:

To clear obstructions in the main sewer system, your plumber will need to get access to the “clean out.” This could be outside (between your house and the street), in your underground (placed into the foundation), or in one of your toilets or utility closet. The cleanout, which is usually recognized by a 3-4 inch plastic cap, is the point at which your home’s plumbing system links to the main sewer or septic system. Once the drain has been opened, your plumber can begin working to clear the blockage.

The Gravity of the Problem that is Generating the Jam

Expect to pay more for both time and specialist machinery if the obstruction is serious. The following are two popular ways of drain cleaning:

  • Cable Drain Cleaning Machines (less expensive)

Handheld instruments such as drain snakes and motorized “bore” that spin to break off obstructions are examples of drain cleaning cable machines. These are effective for mild blockages caused by:

Wastage Hair

Wipes and toilet paper

Products for personal hygiene

Yard waste and leaves

Tree roots that are little

  • Sewer Jetter Equipment (more expensive)

Sewer Jetter machines use high-pressure water to blast through large obstructions. These are effective for obstructions in main sewer lines caused by:

Massive tree roots

Long-term wastewater

obstinate grease, fat, and lubricant

You Appoint a Plumber:

A good plumber will normally charge a higher fee for their services. When looking for a reliable professional, seek the following qualifications:

License and insurance documentation

ten or more years of experience

Customers in your neighborhood have given you five stars.

Cost projections that are transparent and upfront

A clear promise that the work will be performed


Nothing is more vital than the security of your house. To minimize long-term drain damage, it’s advisable to choose a somewhat more costly specialist who is certain to offer.

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