Boxing is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports you could ever choose. It might seem gruesome and brutal to spectators; however, individuals gravitate to the sport because it teaches them to overcome adversity. After all, a few things pose challenges, like another person trying to punch your head off your shoulders inside a ring. Some take it in stride to overcome those fears, while others just quit. One such boxing champion is Jerimiah Rios, also known as Jay Smoove, who got into boxing because he always loved to fight. 

Jay was a scrappy young boy who was never afraid of throwing punches and, more importantly, taking them. He became interested in boxing when he was young. In the third grade, Jay Smoove came across videos of famous boxing legends like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, etc. He knew he had found him because he wanted to be in the ring and dominate opponents just like them. Becoming a boxer felt like his destiny. 

Growing up, Jay continued his boxing education, watching Floyd, Pacquiao, and others. His brain would absorb their skill sets like a sponge as he closely watched how they moved their feet and positioned their bodies in the ring. 

Life as a boxer isn’t easy because it requires complete dedication and focus. You can play other sports, but you don’t play boxing. Being complacent and taking things easy can cause embarrassment in the ring, but, more importantly, it can render life-changing damage. As a result, boxers begin their fighting preparations weeks before their fight, engaging in grueling training camps to ensure they’re in the best possible shape to dispatch their competition as quickly as possible. 

Like other renowned boxers, Jay Smoove is no stranger to the adversity boxers face inside and outside the ring. He faced multiple bumps in the road when he was competing as an amateur boxer. Amateur pugilists compete more frequently than professional boxers because the game is inherently different. 

While most professional boxers competing at the world level engage in twelve-round bouts, amateur fights are limited to three rounds. Therefore, they’re only a quarter as long as professional boxing contests. This difference also means amateur boxers compete more often because matches aren’t as intense. Even though he never had guidance to help him stay focused on his craft, Jay had to learn how to block out all the distractions from the outside world to focus on his boxing career. 

Although Jay started boxing when he was 13, he didn’t pursue it seriously until he was 20 because that’s when he became inspired to pursue a career as a professional boxer. He always had a deep-rooted passion for the sport. Finally, he got tired of watching upcoming boxers living out his dream of being the man in the ring while he sat on the sidelines. 

As a result, Jay Smoove tweaked his approach, becoming a consummate professional. Today, he manages his time between the gym, his job, and his family. He has a set schedule that allows him to stay on track. The journey hasn’t been easy because it has also required him to overcome fears. Self-doubt plagues every human, and Jay isn’t any different. Hence, he had to overcome those voices in his head and remind himself he was the man inside and outside the ring. After all, he wants to become an undisputed champion in his weight class and cement himself as an all-time great in the history books. 

His newfound approach also means taking a deep breath whenever he enters the ring. He reminds himself that he’s a winner as he enters the ring. Self-affirmation is necessary for boxers because the sport is incredibly isolative. No one can help you when you’re in the ring except yourself. Thus, you cannot enter the ring with self-doubt. Otherwise, you’ll walk out defeated.

Things might have been challenging for Jay, but he doesn’t plan to let fear or self-doubt prevent him from conquering his goals. Instead, he approaches every fight with courage, knowing his hard work will see him through the most challenging times. 

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