A logo is a graphic that represents your company. However did you know that there are seven multiple types of logos? Despite the fact that they are all a blend of text and graphics, each form of logo provides your business a distinct sense. Moreover, as your logo it is the first element buyers will see, you have to get it right.  If you want to learn more about choosing the ideal logo type for wholesale hats and shirts for your company? Keep on reading to find out the different options available!


Letter marks or monograms are logos made of letters, generally brand initials, making it a great logo type for wholesale hats and shirts. IBM, CNN, HP, HBO, and so on… Is there a trend here? These are the initials of a few well-known companies with long names. With just two or three words to remember, they’ve each resorted to utilizing their initials for brand identification. Therefore it seems to reason that they would employ monograms, also known as letter mark logos, to signify their organizations.

Pictorial Logos

An icon—or graphic-based logo—is a pictorial mark, sometimes known as a brand mark or logo sign. When you think “logo,” you probably think of the famous Apple logo, the Twitter bird, or the Target bull’s eye. Each of these firms’ logos is so iconic, and each logo so well-known, that only the symbol is immediately recognizable. A real brand mark is nothing more than a picture. As a result, it might be difficult to feature a logo to use for marketing purposes for new organizations or those that have limited brand awareness. A pictorial symbol on its own might be difficult to understand. It works well if you already have a well-known brand, but this is not a hard and fast rule. If your company’s name is too long to represent what it does graphically, you may utilize brand marks to your benefit. They could also be used strategically to express a specific concept or emotion.

Combination Logo

A combination logo is a symbol that consists of a brand logo or letter mark combined with a pictorial logo, abstract label, or symbol. The image and words can be displayed opposite one another, placed on top of one another, or combined to form an image. Doritos, Burger King, and Lacoste are examples of well-known combination mark logos.


Another option for wholesale shirts with logo is an emblem logo, which is a typeface enclosed within a symbol or icon; think badges, seals, and crests. These logos have a conventional style that may create a strong impression, making them a popular choice for many institutions, organizations, and government institutions. Emblem logos are very popular in the automotive business. While they have a classic look, some corporations have successfully modified the conventional emblem look with company logo suited for the twenty-first century (for example, consider Starbucks’ distinctive mermaid symbol or Harley- Davidson’s renowned crest.
These are some of the best options for choosing the ideal logo type for wholesale hats and shirts for your company

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