A Spotify playlist with impressive plays and followers feels incredible, whether one makes music or not. It is because having a great playlist means one can make some extra money on various platforms. However, growth does not take place overnight. Some people buy spotify plays, while others prefer to take the organic route. But it needs much more than just sharing the playlist on Reddit or other social media platforms. So, here are some tips for organically growing the following for one’s playlist.

Pick a niche 

No, it is not the cliche advice everyone throws at creators. One needs to pick a specific music genre for their playlist. And again, no, do not pick the popular ones. It is because those are saturated with plenty of playlists with tonnes of songs. So, a new player would stand little chance. The key is to choose a specific genre that people enjoy, but there are no good playlists. It may help one to establish themselves first. Then, one can create a new collection of their favourite music. 

Choose great songs 

Music is something meant majorly for humans. So, the songs need to touch their hearts and pull those strings. If the creator loves a song, it has to be cut. It is always a chance the followers would love it too. One should find some great songs in the genre, aligning with the mood of the playlist. It ensures the music is addictive and people play the playlist on repeat. If one tries to find songs others will like, it will not work because it is easier to find people who love the music instead of vice versa.

Add many, many songs 

Next, one would need to add many songs, at least 200 to be precise, according to experts who grew their playlist from 0 to tens of thousands of followers. It is because listeners can find many songs and a good variety of songs within the same playlist. It leads to them being hooked to the music. 

A cleverly thought name and description 

Now, Spotify also has a little something called SEO. So, the same should be searchable and descriptive. The name alone should give away the genre and mood of the playlist. Also, one should refrain from cliche names like ‘Chill vibes’ because there are plenty of playlists with similar names. One would not want theirs getting lost in the sea of similar stuff. A name like ‘Bollywood Party Bash’ makes it clear what type of genre and what mood the music is catering to. 

Similarly, one should write a good description with all the relevant keywords. It ensures the playlist pops up when someone searches for any keywords.

Catchy artwork 

Apart from the music, name, and description, the artwork should also catch listeners’ attention. It needs to be relevant to the music in the playlist and the mood. People love to share these artworks and their favourite playlists on social media. It will ensure good shareability as well.

So, if someone is trying to grow their Spotify playlist, these tips would help!

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