Environment is the most precious, and priceless cargo for the people. If people do not take care of Mother Nature then human beings will lose the main and important part from their lives. As nature and surroundings are part of people’s daily life. If the environment is degraded then there will be no place for people to live. Due to people’s activities, the environment is suffering in the face of global warming, pollution, deforestation, and other challenges that are faced by Mother Nature. Gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and various synthetic chemicals can harm our environment and hence through daily activities and also from out home these gases emit and degrade our environment. 

Humans actions should be environment friendly as small actions can make big difference as making changes in home and making it eco-friendly can be efficient for the environment thus there are some tricks and initiatives to make one’s home more eco-friendly and non polluting in Dubai. It is happiness to see people are more invested towards more eco-friendly households as it also saves money for the people too.


It is important to be eco-friendly hence it can happen when people invest in the right light for their house. As said small changes can make big changes in the surroundings and also swapping to led lights is a crucial point from regular lights as it will not only save electricity but also are green and eco friendly than regular bulbs, and lights. Led lights are also less expensive, more running in the time, and are also green.


Households mainly are dependent on the plastic that can be plastic bottles, containers, baskets, kitchen items, and cleaning items. But people do not know that plastic is degrading the environment. People may think that using small amounts of plastic can be worth it but it is not eco-friendly and reusable, or even recyclable. Hence getting rid of plastic items can be of big help instead people can use tin materials,aluminium, glass, etc that can be easily recycled.


People nowadays like to buy new items and shop more hence they do not know that old materials can also be used. In this people can be intelligent like old jars of other items can be used for spices, and powders. Before even buying new furniture just ponder that old furniture can be transformed into new entities for home at a lower price and you can make it more pretty by painting services in Dubai, for example kitchen table, shelf, etc.


People love plants because it is good for pictures but when it comes to growing it people back off saying that it is not their responsibility therefore does not want to hear and grow it. But growing plants is beneficial. Wherefore growing and planting plants at home can be done in small pots and keeping them in windows or outside homes for sunlight. Also it can provide different herbs in the food. It is the secret for saving some pennies. Plants are a great source for air cleaning inside hence they will need hard work for taking care of it but it is totally worth it.


Water is a gift from nature and people are dependent on water hence water should be saved as it is the scarce resource existing on earth. Water is the most essential source for human beings and that should be used wisely by people. But it is not used wisely hence it is wasted while brushing tap water is running, extra water used while washing, dirty water is not reused, etc.

People should reuse water hence the water that is used for washing, or while brushing can be used for flushing hence reuse of water. New water system should be built that can reuse and reuse the same water for purposes. People should also use buckets while bathing and hence not showers to save a hefty amount of money altogether. Also washing clothes in cold water and saving hot water. Also if there are leaks in the home it should be immediately fixed as it can also waste water if ignored. 


Also saving electricity is important. People should ask significant questions to themselves:

Do I need to keep the lights on while not being in the room?

Leaving the charger on the socket after the phone has charged is important?

These questions while asked can make a person think about their actions. People should switch off the lights while not in the room. The charger should be plugged out from the socket when not charging the phone. Only use things on electricity when needed. 


Hence it is important to be eco-friendly to go for materials that are green like insulation, lumber, and drywall are manufactured that are recyclable materials altogether. Lumber for example has a green guard that means that it eliminates indoor air pollution. Also a country like Dubai is warm and hot hence it will be difficult living inside therefore make sure that walls are insulated. 


Countries like Dubai are hot and installation of solar panels can help in many ways. It is essential for an environmentally friendly home. It not only helps to generate electricity but is also a long term investment as people once brought solar panels can save heat in it and can use it for later hence many other non-renewable sources are being saved. Solar panels help to be more eco-friendly than ever before.


It is important for people to know that instead of using harmful chemicals for cleaning homes, natural alternatives, and techniques also can be used as well. In that case,the alternative to dangerous chemicals that can bring harm to the environment are lemon, vinegar, bi-carbonate, and citric acid in different items. Hence through these alternatives mentioned it can be less contagious to the environment.


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