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Residents of South Delhi are liable to pay property tax to the South Delhi Municipal Corporation. This municipal authority assesses all properties under its jurisdiction and collects property tax online or offline. But before paying the SDMC property tax, individuals must know the steps to make the payment.

Steps to pay SDMC property tax online

The steps to pay SDMC property tax are – 

Step 1: Visit the official website of SDMC property tax.

Step 2: Register yourself by clicking the ‘sign up button and submit it.

Step 3: Now, login into the portal using your credentials.

Step 4: Register your property by providing Unique Property Identification Code (UPIC).  

Step 5: In case individuals don’t have the UPIC number, they can apply for it online.

Step 6: Then, select the property you want to pay the property tax. 

Step 7: Finally, make the payment, and after download the receipt for future reference.  

Apart from this, another method of online payment is provided below.  

Alternative steps to pay SDMC property tax online

Secondary ways to pay property tax to SDMC online are –

Step 1: Visit the official website of SDMC. 

Step 2: Click on ‘Property tax’ under ‘Online Services. 

Step 3: Then, navigate to ‘Citizen Login’ and provide the registered mobile number. 

Step 4: Enter the OTP received on your device for logging in. 

Step 5: Finally, follow the instructions for a successful payment. 

Payment SDMC property tax online

Citizens of South Delhi can also pay SDMC property tax offline by visiting their nearest ITZ cash counters. There they can make the payment through cash, cheque, credit card, debit card, demand draft etc. Apart from these, individuals can also visit the nearest financial institutions eligible for receiving the South Delhi Municipal Corporation property tax. 

Nevertheless, candidates must know that property tax is levied on properties such as homes, land and others. Also, the Government of Delhi has offered a few rebates and tax exemptions for citizens. 

Rebate on property tax by SDMC 

The rebates of property tax for SDMC are – 

  • A rebate of 30% is provided to ex-servicemen, senior citizens, physically disabled citizens, and women on a single property up to 200 square meters. 
  • 20% rebate will be provided to owners of group housing flats for those who pay tax prior to June 30. 
  • Also, if someone pays their tax during the first quarter of a financial year, they are eligible for a 15% rebate. 
  • Individuals are eligible for a 10% rebate on the annual price of DDA/CGHS flats of 100 meters square. 

Exemptions on property tax by SDMC 

Apart from rebates, individuals are also eligible for certain tax exemptions. Details about the exemptions are provided below – 

  • Buildings or lands used for charitable purposes, such as public burial, heritage sites, religious places, etc. 
  • Land or building used for agriculture (excluding dwelling houses).
  • Sanitation workers.
  • Widows of Delhi Police, Paramilitary and Indian Armed Forces personnel.  
  • Sportsperson who represented India at the national and international level.  
  • A property owned by fully handicapped SDMC worker.
  • Self-resident property of a person who won a gallantry award or a war widow. 
  • Property of a martyred on police duty or paramilitary. 

Besides, certain tax exceptions are also available for beneficiaries of loan against property. According to Section 24 and Section 37 of the Income Tax Act, individuals can avail a few tax exemptions on interest paid. But, before apply for loan against property, individuals can check the steps for application. 

Steps to apply for a loan against property  

The steps for a loan against property are – 

Step 1: Visit the official website of your preferred lender.

Step 2: Fill up the online application form providing personal and property details.

Step 3: Lastly, provide the financial and income data to submit the loan application. 

In India, leading financers extended pre-approved offers that simplify and expedite loan processing. Such offers are available on various financial products like loans against property, home loans, etc. You can enter your name and contact number to check your pre-approved loan offer. 

Thus, citizens of south Delhi can pay their SDMC property tax online and offline. But, before paying the property tax, they must check the rebates and exemptions to avail benefits.

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