Your appearance matters a lot and one of its major contributing factors is your skin. Loose and unhealthy skin can affect your overall appearance and also impact your confidence level. You can develop loose skin due to different reasons it depends on your age, skin health, or any disease that you have.

A skin specialist in Islamabad shares that some major causes of loose skin involve pregnancy, aging effect, and weight loss.

These causes may affect some specific areas of your body, such as legs, arms, neck, face, buttock, etc.

Many people go for cosmetic surgery to treat skin issues and to tighten their skin as well, but you can also consider some of the easiest yet most effective ways to tighten your skin.

Let’s explore what you can do at home to make your skin look healthy.

Try some creams

Firming cream can help you deal with loose skin. It contains retinoids that improve your skin health. Retinoids are important chemicals that drive from vitamin A and contain adapalene, Tretinoin, and retinoic acid.

It boosts the turnover of your skin cells and also enhances proliferation.

Hyaluronic acid serum is also beneficial that can help your skin to hold onto water molecules and increase skin firmness. This acid can help you diminish skin roughness and improve skin firmness.

Exercise regularly

Weight training exercise leads to building muscle mass that reduces the appearance of loose skin. It is the best option for those who get loose skin by losing some weight. It happens that you experience loose skin as it reduces the cells.

If the pregnancy is the cause of your skin, you must talk to your doctor because some exercise may not suit your body. An expert can help you more in this case.

Facial exercises are more effective for the skin loose problem. It’s been popular since the 90s. The reason for the loose facial skin may be different but you can get it improved by doing some specific exercises.

Maintain weight

Sometimes, the reason behind your loose skin is the stubborn fat that makes your skin look unhealthy. You can do only one thing here which is to keep a healthy weight. This fat is known as subcutaneous fat.

When you lose this type of fat, it will tighten your skin.

Massage the area

Increased blood flow can help many skin issues and also delay the skin aging response. When you massage your skin, it will boost blood circulation.

Choose a high-quality product and massage your skin. You can also choose an anti-aging cream for more effective results. A hand-operated oscillating massage tool can also increase the effectiveness of your anti-aging cream.

What Cosmetic Procedures are Effective?

You do not need any surgery but nonsurgical treatments can help to tighten your skin.

It depends on the severity of your skin and the causing factor, which procedure suits you the most.

Ablative Laser Resurfacing

Laser peeling is another name that is quite similar to the chemical peel process. It involves the removal of the outermost layer of your skin. This procedure gives warmth to the layer underneath your outer skin layer. It leads to enhancing the production of collagen.

Radiofrequency treatment

It is also used to heat the skin that induces collagen production. But it helps to get a new skin outer layer but it is a safe energy transfer.


You may hear the Botox treatment as it is quite similar to that procedure. It helps to relax wrinkles and perform by injecting the substance into your skin. Its injected substances improve the areas of the skin where the substance is injected. It reduces the appearance of loose skin.

Chemical peels

Removal of the outermost skin layer reduces the appearance of loose and saggy skin. Well, chemical peel can help to tighten your skin even around the neck and face. Peeling off skin leads to less wrinkled skin.

Ultrasound skin tightening

In this procedure, heat is used to increase collagen production. The focused form can help to provide heat even to the deeper skin layer.

What Happens When You Have Loose Skin?

Skin is the largest organ of your body that deals with daily environmental factors, like dirt, pollution, sun exposure, etc.

Proteins are present in the outermost skin layer that is known as collagen and elastin. When you gain fat, the skin expands to give space but when you lose weight it can make your skin look hang.

The skin proteins may lose the ability to retract. It makes your skin saggy and older.

You should eat a healthy diet, like vegetables and fruits. Your skin needs more nutrients and minerals that can support your skin health. If your skin loses extra collagen and elastin, you need to eat healthy along with the nonsurgical procedure that your doctor will suggest to you.

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