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Apple headphones are ideal for listening to music on your iPhone or other devices on a daily basis. However, did you know that your headphones may be used as a microphone for your computer? It might be difficult to find a suitable mic for your PC, whether you’re recording music, narration, or speaking with people. If you already own a nice set of Apple headphones, there’s no need to spend more money. 

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Apple has long set itself apart from Microsoft and other companies, going to great lengths to guarantee that its products are exclusively compatible with the iOS environment. Headphones are a great illustration of this. Although Apple’s wired headphones work with Android and PCs, they aren’t always entirely compatible.

We’ll look at how to utilize Apple headphones as a microphone on PC computers in this article. Despite the fact that Apple’s earbuds and headphones were built for their own systems and platforms, you may use them to record and talk with friends using your laptop or desktop. How do you get started, though? 

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Anyone who has used Apple’s earbuds understands the rarity of such a device. There are 10 best headphone brands but Apple’s headphones are difficult to use with non-Apple products.  Due to the proprietary lightning connector and specialized hardware for Mac and iOS, the Apple headphones are difficult to use with other systems.

Imagine you were forced to utilize your Apple EarBuds as a mic on your PC for a crucial Skype, Zoom, or Slack conversation. Compatibility problems with clashing gadgets are more than a mere annoyance. As a result, you might feel as though your Apple headphones are not performing at their best.

That’s why we’ve created this step-by-step instruction that will show you how to utilize your Apple earbuds not just as a microphone on your computer, but also as your primary audio source. Continue reading to learn more!

Tools That Are Used To Access Apple Headphones As A Mic

Before utilizing your Apple headphones as a microphone on a PC, make sure you have 3.5mm jack headphones, a lightning connection, and an audio splitter. These tools will be crucial in the process of utilizing your Apple headphones as a microphone on a computer. 

Steps To Use Apple Headphones As A Mic On PC

It would not be wrong to say that connecting your Apple headphones to a PC is more difficult than connecting them to your Macbook or iPhone. The reason for this is, these headphones are technically designed to work or compatible with Apple devices. 

 But no need to worry about this. In this article, we’ll go through the methods on how to use Apple headphones on PC in step-by-step detail. Following these steps, you’ll be able to set them as your primary audio source but also you’ll be able to use them as a microphone with your PC. 

These easy steps will show you how to utilize Apple headphones as a microphone on a PC. But, before you do anything else, make sure to thoroughly clean your gadget to avoid any dirt-related problems.

The steps below will show you how to utilize your Apple headphones as a microphone on your computer.

Step 1: Find Out The Recording Slot

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out where your computer’s recording slot is.

It is observed that most of the computers and laptops are designed with one audio slot. There are some versions that are available with two slots, one for audio or one for recording. 

If your laptop or computer only has one recording slot, it will function for both audio and recording, but if it has two, the one with the mic icon will be your recording slot.

Step 2: Connect Your Apple Headphone In The Second Slot

Simply place your Apple headphones into the recording slot after it has been identified.

Step 3: Organize Your Audio Preferences

After you’ve connected your headphones to your computer, you’ll need to adjust the audio settings.

How can I open the Control Panel on my computer?

Consider getting into the control panel settings in order to adjust the audio settings. To open the control panel, you may follow one of the following steps. 

  • The first method is to press the window key.
  • You can type “ Control Panel” in the search bar. 
  • Then, on the control panel & click to open
  • Second Method: Press Windows key+X or right-click on the window icon with the mouse.
  • After that, proceed to the control panel.
  • The third method is to utilize the Windows+R key combination.
  • Write “ Control Panel” in the empty box.
  • Then press “ Enter “ 
  • The Control panel will open & you can modify the settings

How to Open Sound Setting on PC?

Now, on the control panel, look for “sound,” which may be written under “hardware and sound” in some devices. After the sound settings are appearing on the screen you can click to use. 


  • First Consider clicking on the “ Recording option “.
  • After that select the “ External Mic “ Option
  • Press the recording tab in the sound settings. The green tick will show that your device has already identified the Apple headphones. 

How to Use Your Apple Headphones as a Microphone

When you double-click on the external mic option, your Apple Headphones will appear. 

On the off chance that you don’t see your headphone in the external mic option then check it under the option referred to as “ high definition audio”.

Now, if you succeed in finding it you can set it as your default “ microphone device. You can also adjust the ‘microphone levels’ and ‘microphone boost’ to suit your preferences.

If your PC is not able to identify your Apple headphones, then you can adjust the audio settings of your PC. 

If your computer doesn’t identify your Apple headphones, you’ll need to adjust the audio settings.

Follow These Steps To Adjust The Audio Settings

  • Select the window icon with the left mouse button.
  • Put sound settings in the search box.
  • Activate the sound options.
  • Select Apple headphones from the drop-down menu under “choose your input device.”

Go For Changing Your PC Audio Settings

You must consider modifying your PC setting in order to make your headphone your default audio device. 

You can modify these settings in the “ Control Panel”. You can set your PC settings there. 

You will have to follow these steps;

  • Select the window icon.
  • Type ‘control panel’ into the search box and hit enter.
  • The hardware and sound option will appear in the control panel; choose it.
  • Then choose Manage devices from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the tab for recording.
  • Consider making your Apple headphone your default recording option after you click on the recording tab. 
  • The volume level can then be adjusted to your preference.

If you don’t see the choice for Apple headphones in the recording devices list, it implies the headphones you’ve connected aren’t compatible with your PC.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself in a position where you have no other choice than to use your Apple headphones as a mic on your PC for an essential conversation on Skype or Zoom, you may follow the above technique to utilize your headphones as a mic on your laptop or PC, which is a little technical but not too difficult.

The main benefit of utilizing Apple headphones as a mic on a PC is that the echoes you frequently hear in calls will be reduced.

However, if there is a compatibility issue, you will not be able to utilize headphones as a microphone since Apple’s hardware is particularly tailored for Apple goods and Macbooks.


I hope you find this post to be a useful resource and a solution to your problems.

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