It’s human nature to become complacent after accruing significant accomplishments within your chosen profession or field, but Dr Rola Shahadat doesn’t ascribe to those principles. Instead, she wants to continually outdo herself, reaching new heights and finding better diagnoses and treatment methods for her patients. Her accomplishments are numerous. After all, she has over a decade’s experience as the head of the cosmetology and dermatology department at one of Europe’s biggest anti-aging centers in Ukraine. Moreover, since moving to the United Arab Emirates, she has also become the official trainer for the Russian lips filler technique in the GCC, a testament to her remarkable skill and expertise.

Descending from Syrian and Ukrainian heritage, Dr Rola Shahadat always wanted to be a doctor. Her father, a renowned doctor, particularly inspired her. In addition, her father would passionately speak about the medical field, imparting his knowledge to his daughter and igniting her interest in medicine. Moreover, she felt it was the right move since she already had access to a wealth of medical information and resources. However, choosing cosmetology and dermatology was a more difficult decision. In addition, she was always interested in skincare. Furthermore, the fields intrigued her because they would provide tangible and transformative results to clients. It’s something that still keeps Dr Rola going. She enjoys seeing the happiness in her patients’ eyes after watching them embark on transformative journeys with her help.

Similarly, she is vindicated in her decision after clients provide amazing feedback about her work. Dr Rola also feels that her field requires patients to be intimate with her about their insecurities and desires. Likewise, as a doctor, she must be honest with them about the journey to achieve their desired results. As a result, she believes this doctor-patient relationship fosters trust between both parties. Thus, it’s unsurprising that the renowned cosmetologist has many long-term patients who keep coming to her for assistance. It’s also worth remembering that skincare isn’t a one-and-done procedure. Instead, skincare never ends because it’s a lifelong process.

While medicine ran in her family, she also wanted to pursue a career in dermatology because she always felt it was her life’s purpose. She had initially planned to become a plastic surgeon, but unfortunately, she had a back injury that prevented her from pursuing life as a surgeon. Therefore, she chose dermatology and cosmetics instead to fulfill her passion. Nevertheless, Dr Rola took to dermatology and cosmetics like a duck to water. She’s extremely proud to boast a success rate of over 90 percent because she deals with patients during the consultation to explain the best treatment plan. She also uses this opportunity to follow her instructions and be patient because the process won’t deliver results overnight. She also believes choosing patients willing to help themselves is important.

After serving as the head of cosmetology and dermatology in one of Europe’s largest anti-aging centers for over a decade, Dr Rola Shahadat moved to the UAE and took Dubai by storm. Cultivating your reputation in a new country can be challenging, but this ambitious dermatologist got to work. The process wasn’t easy and required significant hard work and countless sacrifices. However, within two years of moving, she became a household name in the GCC. She also partnered with a well-known franchise to open a clinic under her name and supervision, where she trained numerous doctors. These doctors have become renowned themselves, a testament to Dr Rola’s teachings. Her clinic is her pride and joy, but she doesn’t believe her journey is complete. She has grand ambitions of revolutionizing the beauty industry by making more medical contributions in her field, and nothing can stop her.

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