In the battle against aging skin, sun exposure is a key factor. Whether you enjoy the occasional walk on the beach or drive outside for 20 minutes daily, it’s not surprising that UV rays can slowly damage your skin. However, the bad news gets even worse: accelerated aging is not just due to sun exposure. Over time, research has indicated that blue light (the light emitted from screens such as computer screens, laptops, and cell phones) is harmful to the skin as well. There is good news, however. UV rays and blue light are now protected from our eyes.

Blue Light

These days, digital devices like computers, tablets, and cell phones emit a type of light known as high-energy visible light, or HEV. While you may not be able to see the sun or experience blue light outside, you are still exposed to it via technology.

Defense against digital aging

With Image’s Digital Aging Defense technology, it is possible to minimize the visible damage caused by the sun AND blue light. The natural product, hydrolyzed pea protein, is one of the key ingredients that has shown to shield the skin from the harmful effects of blue light.


To counteract the effects of free radical damage, Prevention+ also combines antioxidants. As humans age, collagen and elastin in our skin wear away as a result of free radical damage.
Despite the natural aging process that naturally decreases collagen and elastin levels in the skin, visible effects such as wrinkles, fine lines, uneven texture, dullness and sagging are accelerated by excessive exposure to sunlight and pollutants. Free radicals are directly attacked by antioxidants, which neutralize their instability by neutralizing free radicals.

Zinc oxide organically certified by EcoCert

Using zinc oxide, which has the property of deflecting sunlight, the skin is protected from sun damage. If you live or vacation in an area where coral reefs are prevalent, zinc oxide is reef friendly, meaning it won’t harm them. Additionally, zinc oxide is safe for the skin in general, especially those with sensitive skin. The presence of zinc oxide does not pose any potential health or environmental risks like those of chemical sunscreen ingredients. The Natural Product Association has approved zinc oxide as a natural sunscreen ingredient. Further, its EcoCert certification demonstrates compliance with sustainability standards that are as rigorous as they can be. You can rest assured that Image Skincare’s formula WILL NOT leave a white powdery cast on your skin.

No Chemicals

Sun protection products aren’t an exception to the trend of switching to natural ingredients in skincare. If your skin is sensitive, you will appreciate the fact that Prevention+ products by Image Skincare do not contain any of the chemical sun blockers octinoxate & oxybenzone, nor do they contain parabens or artificial fragrances that can irritate it. The scent provided by citrus essential oils is light and pleasant.The scent provided by citrus essential oils is light and pleasant.

Your Personal Skin Care Routine: Key Products

Prevention+ Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer SPF 50


In addition to protecting against high sun exposure, Image Prevention 50 also protects against blue light. It is a lightweight formula. Zinc oxide is used in organic form to provide the best protection both indoors and outdoors.

SPF 30 Daily Hydrating Moisturizer by Prevention+


Smoothly gliding on and feeling lightweight, this moisturizer with SPF is invisible under makeup or alone. As well as protecting against UVA/UVB rays, it also provides increased protection against blue light.

Moisturizer Tinted Daily Prevention+ SPF 30


In addition to offering all the protection of our regular moisturizing sunscreen, this formula offers a hint of color to help hide any imperfections on the skin or simply to improve the skin’s tone. It is ideal for everyday wear as well.

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