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Before getting into whether family dentists are worth it, let’s discuss the difference between a general dentist and a family dentist. A general dentist is your primary dental care provider. They manage your overall health by diagnosing, treating, and managing everything, including gum care, root canals, fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, and even preventive education. These dentists usually treat patients of all ages, be they an adult or a kid, and they can also treat any dental disease that you throw at them. 

Family dentists, on the other hand, specialize in treating children and teenagers. Nashville family dentistry is somewhat similar to general dentists; however they are more experienced in treating children, and some might even be qualified pedestrians. A question that people tend to ask is why one should go to a family dentist rather than a general dentist and are they even worth it or not. Hence, further on in this blog post, we will be discussing this in order to draw a solution. 

Nashville Family Dentistry can save you from traumatic dental experiences:

A visit to a dentist for getting your tooth problems fixed can be a traumatic experience if the whole process is not carried out properly. Having toothaches, cavities, or gum problems can be hard on its own, but with added dental anxiety, it can get a lot worse, especially for children. As we discussed earlier, family dentists specialise in children. If your kids have braces, cavities or any other dental problems in which you have to take them regularly to the dentist, that encounter can get really disturbing at times. For saving your child from any kind of dental trauma or anxiety, going to Nashville Orthodontist like Dillard Dental Services is significant. They specialise in pediatric dentistry hence know how to deal with them for giving a least traumatic episode. 

Having a Nashville Orthodontist of all the family members at one location is a plus:

If you are a big or even a growing family, it is obvious that all the family members would have to make frequent visits to the dentists. Having dentists in different locations can be difficult as you would have to drop the other members there. However, a family dentist can save you from this trouble. When paying a visit to the dentist, the whole family can go to one dentist rather than making visits to the two or three dentists at different locations. They address a wide array of dental issues like your child can get their cavity filled, the teenage sibling can be fitted for Invisalign, and the parents can get their teeth whitened or look into dentures. 

Orthodontists Nashville are focused on preaching preventive dental practices:

Since family dentists are used for treating both children and parents, they spend a significant amount of time educating their patients and highlighting preventive practices. Not many dentists do that, but it is something that is required. As a dentist, you are not only supposed to treat the dental problems of your patients, but at the same time, you need to preach about oral and dental health to them too. 

They will tell you techniques that will make your teeth and mouth healthy. The dentists can also inform the expectant mothers when to bring their babies in the first visit, after the first month of popping their tooth. They teach good oral hygiene from the start, and with time, patients tend to grow older, so they will start preparing for any dental issues that might be on the horizon. 

And not forgetting the fact that the fees of family dentists are relatively cheaper than the general dentists as they do not specialise in one area only. Therefore, after considering all of these facts, going to Nashville Family Dentistry is certainly worth it. 

In the next section, we will discuss some of the frequently asked questions regarding family dentistry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can dentists work on family members?

According to the code of medical ethics of the American medical association, there is no specific prohibition against a dentist treating family members. And that is exactly what the family dentists do. They treat family members of all ages be it kids or adults and families actually prefer to go to them rather than going to a general dentist. 

Can you be traumatized by the dentist?

Yes, you can be traumatized from the dental experience and people have gone through it. One of the reasons why a lot of people have dental anxiety is because they have suffered from a traumatic experience in the past. Whether they were a child or an adult, a dental visit that goes wrong can have lasting psychological effects for many patients. 

Why do I get anxious at the dentist?

Dental anxiety, stress, or fear is typically associated with a dental setting. Some things like needles, drills, or dental settings, in general, can trigger anxiety and that can result in delaying and avoiding the dental treatments. 


In conclusion, opting for Nashville Family Dentistry can indeed be worth it for individuals and families seeking comprehensive dental care. The dental practice offers a range of services delivered by skilled professionals who prioritize patient comfort and well-being. By choosing Nashville Family Dentistry, patients can benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology, and a commitment to delivering high-quality dental treatments. Moreover, the practice’s emphasis on family-friendly services ensures that both adults and children receive personalized care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Whether it’s for routine check-ups, preventive care, or specialized treatments, Nashville Family Dentistry proves to be a valuable resource for maintaining oral health and achieving beautiful smiles.

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