Is Jewellery Designing A Good Career Step In Your Life

A Jewellery Design career offers an opportunity to combine creative talent, imaginative skills, crafting abilities, knowledge of materials and business skills to utilize gems, metals, precious & artificial stones, gold, silver etc. and come up with jewellery design that can either be mass produced or tailor made for certain select audience.

A Jewellery Designer, in order to be successful, must have the pulse of the market, must understand the consumer, their tastes & preferences, knowledge of socio-cultural factors, fashion trends, traditional as well as modern techniques & designs, fabrication methods etc. in addition to determining whether the design is viable in terms of manufacturing and marketability.

Jewellery Designing is a good career because:

  1. Growing Industry:
    • Among the top exporters, India ranks first in cut & polished diamonds. From April 2021-January 2022, the overall exports of gems from India rose to to US$ 32.37 billion, growing at 69.13% YoY.
    • In exports of silver jewelry, gold jewelry, and lab grown diamonds, India ranks second.
    • In exports of silver jewellery, gold jewellery and lab-grown diamonds, India ranks second.
    • By 2022, the demand for gold in India is predicted to jump in the range of800-850 tonnes from 30 tonnes in 2021
    • As per the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), between April 2000 and June 2021, the cumulative FDI inflows in India in diamond and gold ornaments reached US$ 1,194.00 million
    • Indian Gems and Jewelry Market is predicted to rise at a CAGR of 8.34% to reach a market value of 80 billion by FY2027 from USD78.50 billionin FY2021.

Such a positive outlook will organically mean requirement of capable hands to take the industry to next level, thus immense employment opportunities.

  1. Attractive Pay: The growing industry needs qualified manpower and their less supply ensures faster career growth and attractive salaries. Organisations are paying handsomely to beginners as well since they have realized the importance of trained manpower.
  1. Range of Career Options: Following are the diverse range of career options available on completion of Jewellery design course:
    • Entrepreneur & Manufacturer
    • Gemologist
    • Accessory Designer in performing arts industry-Television, Cinema etc.
    • Goldsmiths
    • Bench Jeweler  
  1. Demand in International market: Jewellery Design certification must be recognised at a global level since internationally there is immense demand for talented & creative jewellery designers.
  1. Jewellery Design course ensures Opportunities in multiple disciplines: The Jewelry Design curriculum ensures proficiencies in Beading art, Metallurgy, Ornament Design, Diamond Grading & sorting, Gemology, portfolio development, CAD etc. along with equipping the student with skills to innovatively solve the problems, graphic design, market research & analysis & product management etc. Thus, making sure that candidates are much sought after from across varied professional fields.

Jewellery Design Course:

You must study Jewellery Designing Course from a recognised college that ensures:

  • The curriculum must ensure that students are equipped with an understanding of modern as well as traditional art, craft and design practices, techniques, processes and technologies. Besides this students must have awareness about diverse materials.
  • Well equipped studio must be present at the campus so as to assist the students not only with practical experience, but also offer exposure in mechanical and digital fabrication.
  • The course must ensure that students get an insight into global trends and international aesthetics and style.
  • The college must equip the students with proficiencies on ways to handle the design brief including knowledge about the effect of technology, environment, and economic situation, socio cultural factors on art and design world.

Jewelry Design Syllabus

Two curriculums are mostly offered by institutions for jewelry design students. 

Diploma in Jewelry Designing

In the diploma jewelry design curriculum, the practical aspects of the jewelry design are focused upon. Basic design creation, ring creations, bracelet creations, etc. are discussed and hands-on training is offered in these curriculums. In contrast to the three-year course of a bachelor’s degree, the diploma consists of one year of extensive practical training.  

Although manufacturing and marketing aspects of jewelry are briefed, the in-depth discussion is missing from the diploma course. Basis color rendering, client designing, metallurgy, and gemmology are also discussed in this curriculum. 

The diploma course isn’t for every designer though. This course means to give interested individuals a hands-on experience in industrial design and manufacturing. The students who complete this course, are chosen to assist the senior designers in the jewelry manufacturing plants. 

Bachelor of Design

The bachelor of jewelry design course is broken down into six semesters. The first semester focuses on the history of art and jewelry, export procedures, and branding. This semester is mostly a general collection of subjects that brief the students about the fundamentals of designing. 

The second semester teaches all the tools and techniques required to do jewelry designing. Color rendering, casting process, design elements, CAD, and everything else is taught through a detail-based approach. 

The third semester is the gemology semester, 

All there’s to know about diamonds and jewelry, including their manufacturing process, grading, cuts, and settings are taught to the students. 

Semester four and five teach the students about marketing and advanced tools. Seminars and training are practiced in the final year. Choosing the correct material for the jewelry is also taught during the fourth and fifth semesters. 

 Semester six is all about hands-on experience. Digital representations, business planning, and design theories are discussed during this time. 

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